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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lime House - Dinner with Voodoos

Ending September with friends at Lime House - Singapore's first Caribbean restaurant combining excellent food and drinks, a relaxing lounge atmosphere and great music

Nice antique carved-wood room dividers

We were too hungry while waiting for the rest to arrive, so we ordered a few starters first

Slipper Lobster Cocktail with avocado, mango & pineapple salsa. Very fresh lobster; nicely done, not chewy. Mango & pineapple salsa is sweet & sour, it's also very refreshing

Caribbean Fish Cake. Filled with chunky fish meat but a little salty to my liking 

Lime House “Wings n’ Tings” .. tender chicken fillet marinated in some spicy sauce

I had the Coffee & Jerk Rubbed Ribeye Steak - 220gm grass fed ribeye steak, hand cut root veggies, watermelon compote & Jerk BBQ Sauce.

Tenderly grilled steak but a little bland on it's own. Couldn't really taste much of the sauce as the amount of sauce drizzled on it is quite little

Baby Back Ribs. Mel & Kai ordered the same dish but the one served to Mel is significantly smaller to Kai's (at least 1/4 smaller). When we spoke to the staff, we were told that the dish is served by weight. We are still not quite convinced, but didn't want to make a big hoohar out of it

Red Snapper Escovitch

Curry Goat

Jerk Chicken

Caribbean Stew Chicken 

Catch of the Caribbean - Sea Bass for the night.

We all feel that the while the food quality is good, the taste doesn't have the wow factor & portion is a tad small.

Honestly, I was still hungry after the dinner & ended up at McDonald's for more food!

Lime House
2 Jiak Chuan Rd
Singapore 089260
Tel: 6222 3130
Operation Hour:
Tuesday - Saturday 12 pm - 12 am 

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