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Thursday, 29 March 2007

my very much over-due Birthday treat

wahaha... its suppose to be on Dec'06.. but due to many many reasons, finally it happens today

Nurul being first time eating @ fish&co, is super duper excited, tried oyster which I dun think she'll eat again... & all of us had the super big Sharkie freeze, but cant really finish cos its too big & too cold.. fwah.. brain almost freeze cos puayhong's suppose to share with me, give up!

looking forward to Haidi's treat nxt wk.. haven decide on having "full-crap"dinner or dinner by the sea in Malaysia... 

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Nurul's 22nd Birthday

Celebrating Nurul's Birthday.. again, we're cooking pasta with muchroom soup... and...with Swensen's Ice Cream Cake with her favourite disney character.. Eeyore! in mint & chocolate flavour.. slurp... nice right?

lets see wat we bought for her... a puma bag, a puma cosmetic pouch, an eeyore toy & a pooh mug.. hope she likes the presents we bought for her :)... & the food specially prepared by Sarina, PuayHong & Me!

Once again..... Nurul, Happy 22nd Birthday.. Hope you enjoy your special day with your loved ones :)