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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Rona's Birthday

it's Rona's Birthday tomorrow (7 Mar).. instead of gg out for dinner, Rona suggested having steamboat.. & guess whr's the venue? it's the conference room in our offc!! thou we always cook in the offc pantry, it's the first time we tried steamboat in conference room! luckily nothing else happen...

william bought 3 bttls of wine, and guess wat? cant find any wine opener in the offc.. eric being helpful, tried to force open the wine with... his car key! & thou he manage to open, the glass tip broke & we had to get strainer to filter the wine.. i finally found a wine opener in the drawer, but erick broke it & the nxt bttle of wine he opened... sigh.. due to the broken opener, look wat happen to the wine @ the last 2nd pix! lol...sigh.. luckily i've got the mini-strainer in the offc which i used it for tea leaves... 

but overall, we had so much fun during the "steamboat".. 

Special Thanks to: Rona for the Food; William for the Wine; Aunty for preparing the Steamboat; Ting for buying the Cake... and ALL of US for Eating! 

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