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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Home-made mini pizza bread

Reached home after work, and was told by our maid that Daryl's school is having Children's Day Party tmr & he needs to bring some snacks to school.. 

was cracking my brain & suddenly remembered Hazel once baked mini pizza for Warren.. so i decided to do the same for Daryl to bring to school tmr.. 

so, here it goes... 
ingredient: tomato base pasta sauce; bread; mozzarella cheese; ham & mushroom
the end product

all kids will have to wear their own clothes for the party cos there's no school tmr, our maid helped Daryl in choosing what to wear.. and for once, she didn't mis-matched the clothes for him.. heng arh! so this is what he's gonna wear tmr.. 

Mushroom Pot

supposed to be dinner of 8 but in the end only left with 4 of us.. cos Steven last min gotta goes batam for work; Cindy's stuck in offc preparing for Jewel fest; Dorees the main lead is down with fever & zan gotta take care of her! hopefully the attendance for the nxt gathering will have more ppl

back to buffet at Mushroom Pot.. food taste is still the same, but portion is so much smaller.. service is not as attentive as before oso

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kidz Amaze!

brought Daryl to Kids Amaze at Safra Jurong after watching a friend's video on their son having fun.. im totally amazed... let alone the kids! 

Kids Amaze has the longest slide in Asia, and its about 5 storey high! the obstacles inside is small & narrow.. at one point of time, i almost got stuck lor... but luckily still manage to climb all the way to the top & down tru the same way! some of the obstacles's height is so low i have to wiggle myself down frm one to another like a fat caterpillar.. and gotta pull myself up oso.. didnt try the longest slide cos Daryl was abit scared.. and 2 particular obstacle has the sign "not suitable for big-sized people", so i dare not try! 

climbing up & down the obstacles for non-stop 45mins is worst than an hour of hot yoga! 2.5hrs in there is equivalent to 3hrs of hot yoga liao.. haha

but... ... it was Fun, Fun, Fun