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Thursday, 28 March 2013

TCC @ Bugis Junction

Met up with Sam, Theresa & Fiona for dinner at TCC cos Sam needs to collect some stuffs from Fiona & at the same time, Fiona wants to pass us some tidbits from her Japan business trip.

Peach Lime Iced Tea ($7.20) - I ain't a fan of coffee, so I'm always having Iced Tea & I'm glad TCC has quite a number of Iced Tea on their menu

Meal started with Countryside Harricot Soup ($10). A little too buttery & the Scallop looks like the oil in fryer hasn't been changed for days. 

Chilli Beef Soup ($10.50). Had as sip of this & it's pretty good. It'll be a little spicy for those who don't take spicy stuffs.

We just got to know that there are only 2 soups available on the menu this month. However, they do rotate the soup menu every month. So be patient if you did not find your favorite soup on the menu.

Seared Tofu & Smoked Mushroom Mix ($12). Upon suggestion, we add-on a portion of Smoked Salmon ($4). Personally, I find the tofu a little tasteless, but I quite like this combination. 

Next, we had a few starters for sharing

Golden Idako ($10.80) - love the zesty tangy dip!

Shrooms Bite ($10.80) - This is also a little buttery on the crust

Mentaiko Shrimp Martini ($11.80) - My current must-order item on the menu!

Deluxe Snack Platter ($16.80) - combination of Cheese Stick, Calamari & Onion Rings. Great for sharing

Seafood Aglio Olio ($21) - My all-time favorite, but I find it not spicy enough. Fiona says it's too spicy for her thou

Red-hot Chicken Spaghetti ($19) - This is supposed to be spicy  hot, but erm.. I reckon I'll still need tabasco if I were to order this.

Ocean Sur'fin ($23) - Didn't try this, but Sam has no complains about it

Pan-seared Chicken Breast w/ Shogayaki Sauce ($22) - I quite like the Shogayaki sauce. A little sweet & spicy. Chicken breast was not dry & hard also, but will be better if it's chicken thigh cos I ain't a fan of chicken breast

Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti ($18.80) - check the below picture & you'll know if this is tasty

Davion the 小花猫. This shows you how delicious the Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti is =)

Finally, what's dinner without desserts? 

Zestiny ($8) - no complains from Theresa, so should be nice

Dark Devotion $11.80 - I urgently needs a dosage of chocolate, so I ordered this! Honestly, this is better the one I had at Max Brenner

5 of us (including a kiddo) spent close to $300, but with the birthday discount of 50%, the bill is about $160

Last but not least, a group photo before we call it a day =)

Bugis Junction (Main Boutique)
80 Middle Road #01-92-96 
Bugis Junction, S188966 
Tel: 6837 2027

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Impromptu KTV session

Chai suddenly feels like going for KTV session so that he can utilize the NS Men voucher. After calling his friend, he decided to go to the KBox at Choa Chu Kang instead of Jurong Safra

His friend helped him to arrange for a huge room for 3 of us! It's so huge there's even a small corner for surfing internet! 

Compulsory tidbits. I just got to know that the tidbits is refillable! 

Vivian & myself are so hungry we had to order Nissin Instant Noodle ($6) when we reached. We didn't want to bring in food illegally cos don't want to get caught for bringing in outside food & causing Chai's friend to be embarrassed.   

Being a sausage freak, I also ordered the mini sausages ($9.90). Sadly, the sausage is over-cooked & dry.

They also served Pacific Clam ($12). It was served Thai-styled, with Thai Chilli, Onion & Cucumber. Pretty interesting taste. I shall try to do it at home when I have the chance!

Lot1 Choa Chu Kang
Blk 309 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4
Choa Chu Kang Centre
Singapore 680309
Phone: 6769 3113

Operating Hours: from 11am Daily

60+ Dance 2 Power Earth Hour

60+ Dance 2 Power Earth Hour at The Float @ Marina Bay on 23 Mar 13

WWF’s Earth Hour rallies Singapore with first-of-its-kind dance-out, using kinetic energy to power 2013 event. For the first time, the public will play an active role in powering up the event to be held at The Float@Marina Bay, by busting their moves on energy absorbing pads to convert the kinetic energy produced to electricity.  This energy will be used to power an outdoor film screening, organised as part of Earth Hour’s activities for the night, in celebration of the world’s hope and commitment towards a low carbon future.

Myself & Evelyn decides to sign up for the event

We were there a little too early, so we went around taking some pictures

This is the kinetic pad which participants will have to move, jump or dance on it to transfer their energy to produce electricity to power up the screening of movie later in the evening

Registration fee is at $20/adult & donor of WWF (ME!!) gets $10 discount! Every participant gets a goodie bag filled with environmentally friendly products.

All participants will be recognized by this green wristband & will not be allowed on the kinetic pad without the wristband.

Here's both of us on the kinetic pad! Each group of participants are to move, jump or dance on it for about 45 mins or so.

At the end of the session, total energy generated was 83570W

The ambassadors on stage, preparing to turn the lights off at 8.30pm! 

Both of us stayed on for awhile after the light offs & decided to head home instead of staying to watch the movie as it'll be a chore to go home after the movie ends!

It was quite a fun event, but will be more fun if go in a bigger group! I hope more friends will join us next year should there be such event on Earth Hour again! 

For those who of you who did not/ missed the event, do try to take up some "I Will If You Will" challenges.Details of "I Will If You Will" challenges can be found at Earth Hour Global Channel

I have not taken up any challenges yet, but I've been a donor to WWF for close to 2 years now, and I'm still donating & will continue to donate as long as I can. 

I've done my little part in helping the environment. Have you done yours? 

Au Chocolat

Evelyn brought me to this newly opened bistro, Au Chocolat (French pronunciation : o ∫okola), a very first made-in-Singapore French-inspired confiserieat & bistro located at Marina Bay Sands for dinner over the weekend

The confiserie is filled with candies, chocolates and all sorts of imaginable goodies. Check out the many types of chocolate spoons available! In short, it's a chocolate lover's heaven!

Bistro of all day dining from crepes to gelato to cakes

The table setting

Even the coaster is so cute

We started out meal with Truffle Fries ($15)
Strips of crispy potatoes drizzled with fragrant white truffle oil & seasoned with truffle sea salt, served with mayonnaise & BBQ sauce

Evelyn had Boeuf Bourguignon ($26)
Tender beef cheek, bacon, carrots & mushrooms slow cooked in veal stock & red wine, served with potato mash & brioche bread

While I had Roast Pork Belly ($29)
Slow-roasted pork belly served with garlic-infused potato puree, raspberry infused apple sauce & finished with crackling

The taste was good, with very crispy skin. However, we both find it a little dry. It's also a little hard in-between the skin & the meat (the fat part)

Evelyn's Boeuf Bourguignon was so good she cleaned up the entire port!

We actually wanted to try the desserts, but we were too full cos we had lunch at Astons about 4 hours earlier, so ... ... we'll be back for more!

Au Chocolat Pte Ltd
Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 
Bistro T +65 6688 7227 
F +65 6688 7266 
Confiserie T +65 6688 7557 
F +65 6688 7255

Opening Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays
10.00am to 11.00pm (Last order at 10.00pm)
Fridays and Saturdays
10.00am to Midnight (Last order at 11.00pm) 

Website: Au Chocolat
Facebook: auchocolatsg