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The reason why this blog is created is because is shutting down & all posts will be removed. Some posts here are back-dated from Aug 2004 - Aug 2012! I'm just doing a screen-shot & re-posting slowly cos it ain't easy to import every single photo. Therefore, only thumbnails are available for viewing, which also explains the white background & the little note at the end.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hello, Ashton Toh =)

Overdue for 2 days.. induce & waited for 14hrs, Charlene finally gave birth tru c-sect! 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

卡拉ok & Tonkichi

Meet up again for our usual activity.. 卡拉ok & we have 2 new faces today.. Erick (Cindy's friend, & happens to be Leon's friend too) & Peggy (Leon's girlfriend!) 

Massage while we sing

Setting up camera for wefie

Erick, a good candidate for duet