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Sunday, 27 March 2016

ex-McDonald's Clementi's Gathering

ex-McDonald's Clementi's Gathering! It's been a year since we had one. The last gathering was at Janice's house during CNY last year. This year, Wynston offered to host the gathering & so, we started taking attendance one month is advance!
I bought some drinks before going to Wynston's house since he is preparing all the foodHe woke his wife & his 3 girls up early in the morning to go market to buy all the ingredientsWhile waiting for the rest to arrive, wefie lah .. lolWynston's wife made Thai Milk Tea as welcome drink for all of usTiger time at 1 pm! Feels so much like an "ang-mo" lah .. drinking beer at 1 pmAnd then wefie again .. hahaMay Loo came with roasted duck & roasted chicken and this greedy Marlyn is the first to whack on it!Continue drinking after eating .. hahaGroup picture before May Loo rushes off for workHaha.. me like a Tiger beer promoter!Ok, a decent one. Sorry, we're a little obsessed with ourselvesAfter being Tiger Beer promoter, I turned into Marigold promoter =DWefie!Wahaha.. scene behind the previous wefieWynston the host, happens to be my secondary school senior, but way too many batches before me!Marlyn's home-baked cookies. Then I was fooling around with Dorees's presbyopia (老花 ) specs .. hahaChecking out old-time photos which are kind of small, so very much needed the prebyopia specsWahaha... that's me & Wynston like in 1996? Ok, now a Coke promoter.. lolContinue drinking cos Irene bought few bottles of wineWhy is there a birthday cake?Cos Nancy's birthday is just in 2 day'e time. Evelyn also baked a Japanese cheesecake for herFunny max cos they asked her to pick 4D numbers using chopsticksCake that Marlyn bought was rainbow cake from Prima DeliIt's kind of funny how Marlyn uses a chopper to cut the cake. HahaThe very chio paper plate found at Wynston's houseAfter cake, we continue with round  2 eating. HahaWahaha... continue drinking! Goodness.. not sure how much drink we had from 1 pm till 7 pm, but thankfully, we were all still sober when we call it a day!
It was a great Sunday afternoon spent with the ex-McDonald's Clementi's peeps. 

Thanks everyone for contributing in one way or another and for attending this gathering. Also, thanks Wynston for organizing & hosting the gathering!