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The reason why this blog is created is because is shutting down & all posts will be removed. Some posts here are back-dated from Aug 2004 - Aug 2012! I'm just doing a screen-shot & re-posting slowly cos it ain't easy to import every single photo. Therefore, only thumbnails are available for viewing, which also explains the white background & the little note at the end.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy Birthday, Ezan

Simple celebration for Mama Ezan, whose birthday falls on yesterday, 28th Oct

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Old Mr Lam's Birthday

Last minute decision to have dinner at 樂天客棧 Paradise Inn cos it's Old Mr Lam's 84th Birthday

The hungry boys munch on the peanuts while waiting for the food to arrive

Tea was served in pot

Menu for the night: Seafood fried rice; Fish w/long bean sauce; Wintermelon soup; Spinach w/3 type of eggs

Dong Puo Meat; Omelette w/prawn; Tofu & Pig Trotter mee-suah

After dinner, the cake is served. Daryl choose Cookies & Cream from Prima Deli

Old Mr Lam with his son, DIL & 2 grandsons

Dessert was served only after the cake cutting ceremony

Lizzie's 1st Birthday & Halloween Party

Elizabeth is One! 

Time flies~~ Elizabeth is One & since her Birthday is near Halloween, Hazel decided to make it a Halloween Party as well. 

Initially I wanted to just wear my old Witch hat, but I saw this drape at Daiso, so I change my plan & end up wearing the drape with my little devil hairband. So... that's me & the Pumpkin Boys

Bought the Pumpkin drapes & hat from Daiso. Damien also got a pumpkin pail from Daiso while Daryl recycle his old ToysRUs pumpkin pail

The buffet set-up from Purple Sage

Goody Bag corner. Hazel put in so much effort to customize each & everyone of the goody bag for the kids. Even adults get a Red Velvet Cake-in-a-jar

Kids corner with DIY cupcakes, sand-witch, yakult, vitagen, sausages & stuffs

Oops~ Cedric is afraid of aunty Pauline

The traditional ceremony for 1-year-old - 抓周 - this is to see what the kiddo will be in the future. Lizze picked chopsticks & cough syrup & Hazel says that represents that she will be a doctor with lots of food! hahaha

Lizzie's Birthday Cake - Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, together with a few cupcakes from Pique Nique.

The Lee Family
~~Happy Birthday Elizabeth Lee. 祝你生日快乐, 快高长大~~

The Kiddos

The Multiply Gang

Needless to say, it's cam-whoring time for the big kids~~ 

heehee.. being sporting, I got the Best-dressed Adult award~ 
Thanks for the gift, Hazel~ 

Stuffs the boys bought home. T-Rex goody bag from Hazel & the polka-dot goody bag from Ivy

The adults also got home-baked butter cookie from Angeline

~~Once again, Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Lee~

Thanks Hazel for the invite, the customized goody bag for the boys & the many cake-in-a-jar for me & my family =)

The Boys & myself had so much fun =)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Baker Talent

Chanced upon this bakery at Choa Chu Kang yesterday & bought a few buns. Sis & BIL says the queue is always very long. The buns are just less than $1 each

303 Chua Chu Kang Avenue 4, #01-723, Choa Chu Kang 680303
I bought a total of 4 Golden Sands Bun, 2 Custard Buns & 2 Hotdog Buns. 

Golden Sands Bun (黄金流沙包) looks just like an ordinary bun

But I tell u, the salted egg flows out of the bun when tear apart. It's still flowing even after 1 day 

This is by far, the nicest bun I've eaten!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Birthday, Spencer

Ivy is bored at home, and since it's a Public Holiday eve last night, we had an impromptu meet up at Poulet for dinner before heading to Mr Punch for a it of chilling out.

Food was served pretty fast & service was good. However, the down-side of it is, they do not take reservations & queue at Poulet started forming at 6.30pm! By the time I reach at abt 7pm, the queue was horribly long! Luckily Ivy was there early & she manage to get a table for us within 20 minutes of queuing. For those going in big group, I would suggest you either go early or go somewhere else 

Poulet, French Restaurant with a open kitchen concept at the new Bugis+ (formally known as Iluma)

Hot drinks were served on a plate with few cubes of sugar in a separate glass

We ordered a few side dishes for sharing. 
French Onion Soup; Sausages, Fries & Escargots

While Sausages & Fries ain't fantastic, the French Onion soup is fantastic! Escargots on the other hand ain't how I like it to be done. This was done with tomato & almond garlic butter. I prefer the old-school way with only garlic & butter.

While all of them had the HOT item of the restaurant - Poulet Rosti (Roast Chicken), which roasted was served with mushroom sauce. I find the mushroom sauce slightly diluted, but the chicken was very tender. 

I ordered Braise Duck, which was served with wine sauce. I like this! The duck is super tender as well.

Than we have a Birthday Boy in the house! I went down to CBTL to get a slice of cake while the rest wait for the food to be served, & get the waiter to serve us the cake after we're done with our main dish.

The only group photo we had, but the waiter who help us snap this got it so blur! =(

We also ordered desserts to share: Banana Bread Pudding & Tiramisu. 
Ain't a fan of both, but I find them quite nice.

The guys

The girls

Next stop, Mr Punch at rooftop of the Mint Museum of Toys at Purvis St

3 of us being bo-liao, lower the chair to the lowest.. lol

Both \of my drinks, Lychee Martini & Lychee Magarita

Me & Spencer fooling around with my sweet.. haha

Group picture

Cheers to 2 years of friendship