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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cherilyn & Chrishen Weds

Happy Halloween ~ 

The day we've been looking for is finally here. Cherilyn is getting married to the man of her dreams after being together for 6 years. The reason why we're all excited is because the man of her dream, Chrishen is an Indian & most of us will be wearing saree for the dinner 

The groom will be coming to aunty Lucy's house for gate crash followed by Indian ceremony at home. Prist will be here to conduct the prayer as well as tying of talli. After which, Chinese ceremony will follows. 
Thus, all of us will head to aunty Lucy's house in the morning

Wah.. so Indian looking lah her house. Got "banana tree" some more~
Don't play play hor.. the banana tree one os female & the other is male. Don't ask me cos I don't know which is which, but I'm guessing the one on the right is female.

We were a little late and by the time we reached, the Indian ceremony is already half-way tru

Congrats, Cherilyn & Chrishen on becoming husband & wife

A quick picture with Cherilyn after the Indian ceremony

Aunty Lucy ordered 2 sets of buffet fro all the guests. Buffet from Mei Hao 99 for the Chinese relatives/ friends 

Sakunthala for the Indian relatives/ friends

Chinese tea ceremony. Apart from the aunties & uncles, aunty Lucy insisted Cherilyn & Chrishen also serves tea to those married cousins who are older than her. Somehow I missed out Mum's turn cos I was busy eating outside =D

So here's kor & sil

Sis & bil. 

Aunty Lucy's family picture

Our family with the newly weds

We were looking tru some photos from Fabian's wedding 2 years ago & guess what? Both Kor & Mandy are dressed in the same shirt/ dress for his tea ceremony! So we suggest that they put a note "For Filbert's tea ceremony" after they wash this set of clothes so that they will wear the sam set of clothes for the 3 siblings'  wedding =D

Sis saw this spicy noodles and asked if she eat this. This bowl of noodle is one of the dare for gate crash, but erm.. not spicy lah .. lol

Then so yes, camwhore time

Say real one, can you tell that we are 12 years apart? lol

Colleagues at McDonald's some 15 years ago used to think that she is my sil & he is my bil, but no... ... they are my sister & my brother! You mean we don;t look alike meh? =D

Slightly distant cousin but we got along pretty well =)

Hey Jack! It's been awhile since i saw this nephew

The heavily pregnant woman, always ask me to take #BumpOfTheDay picture! 

Freaking big lah her bump! Edd from 6 Jan 16 shifted to 24 Dec 15 & now shifted to 09 Dec 15 but gynea is praying D4 won't pop till at least 14 Dec 15. Haha.. if D4 really pops on 14 Dec 15, he will be having the same birth date with Daryl! 

Back home after the tea ceremony & to get ready for dinner!

Missing someone? Yup. Daryl took a nap & woke up with fever, probably vomited a bucket full!

Tried to achieve a more Indian look by going back to arch eyebrow but erm.. .. eye makeup too difficult to achieve the look

The wedding car

Sis & Damien

So that's me =)

Unfortunately, missing Daryl

Jiemeis are all in yellow saree

Ooh... kachang puteh =D

Bride's handsome younger brother, Filbert. OMG, he's so tall!

Dunno who took this picture... so blur

With mum

Aunty Lucy


Photo booth time! Perfect if Daryl is not sick and has to be stay home

Photo booth from

Managed to catch the newly weds for a shot before she march in for the night

Again, aunty Lucy's family

The beautiful march-in with nephews & nieces throwing flowers. After the march-in, the cousins prepared a couple of surprises for Cherilyn & one of it is this touching video of all our well wished for her. 

While waiting for food =D

Toilet shot .. haha.. Somehow I think I might have wrapped my saree too tight. I didn't realize it till Dion commented that my saree looked a little like mermaid. 

*oh, I just google while tying this, and yah, it should look a little like mermaid leh.. so it means mine is correct lah.. 

After a couple of dishes, the second march-in

The only photo that can be downloaded via the photo booth website is this. 

Haha.. uncle Frankie came, wanted to drink with us but guests at the next table hijack him & sis end up being his personal hanger as he throws his jacket over her.. lol

And yes, managed to grab a picture with the bride's last set of wedding dress
Ok, one last selfie before we leave

We had a wonderful night and thank aunty Luck & uncle Frankie for having us tonight. 

Once again, Congrats Cherilyn & Chrishen & may you have a blissful marriage