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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fengshan 85 | Milk & Gelato

Audit! Haha... yes, our company/ department is full of audits. Thou I'm not involved in the audit, I am somehow a little related. SH & R3 is mad stress cos it's the first tine they're handling it themselves.
Attending Fair Labor training session after they close the auditTo relieve their stress after the audit, they suggested going for dinner. Since myself, Hazel & Chloe are free, we join them for the impromptu dinner sessionSH suggested 85 Fengshan Centre for variety of food at affordable priceFive Spice Prawn Cracker. BBQ Chicken WingFried OysterBBQ Stingray & VeggieSH also ordered Bak Chor MeeI love impromptu dinner. =DThen SH brought us to Milk & Honey Gelato for  waffle & ice creamWhile waiting for our waffleFinally! I thought it was just half waffle, so I refuse to share with them. However, it turned out to be full waffle I end up giving them 1/4 of it cos 3 of them are sharing one set.It was a nice evening spent with the team mates and looking forward to more bonding sessions =)

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