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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Jaycus's 5th Birthday

Jaycus is 5 and Angeline has invited all of us to his birthday celebration at D'Resort

Due to the upgrading works going on, it's rather inconvenient for those who doesn't drive as the walk is quite a distance from main road. I sort of lost my way and took me a while to find my way there =D
Angeline booked the room with double levelBalcony is at upper level but I feel that it will be nice if it's at lower levelHong was grumbling that he's very poor thing cos he come out with money & hard labor =DSince I'm early, I helped Angeline in packing the goody bagsDrinks corner!
A little more drinks & sweets for the kidsDesserts corner. Kueh Kosui, Nutella cupcake & jelly, all homemade by AngelineTidbits & Dinasour cookies which is almso homemade by AngelineMash-mellow popsDown to BBQ!Hong, the poor bbq chef =DOk lah, I help a bit by heating up the sataysAngeline's friend cooked bee hoon & vegetable curry, while fish balls are bought from Lee Wee BrothersFiona & Angeline's friend to Hong's rescue!Theresa the bbq expert also come to Hong's rescueThe kids enjoying their food. Daryl & Eun's conversation is so funny. 
One asked "what did you get for Children's day?"
The other reply "homework!"
The one who asked then replied "Me too" ... 
hahah... mad funny!
Selfie/ wefie time cos selfie queen is here! 

Papa Drexler baby sitting Alexia cos mummy is helping to bbq

Angeline also engaged a balloon sculpture lady & Eun requested for a princess which is quite prettyWefie again

The heavily pregnant woman. No, she's not due yet nor she's carrying twins.

The baby (D4) is just big =D
Ok, cake cutting time!
Wow.. an impressive cake I must say. The theme tonight is Dinosaur, thus the cake is a volcano! Yes, this is also home baked by Angeline
Birthday boy, JaycusHappy 5th Birthday, Jaycus
Wahaha... candle like volcano eruption, can't see Jaycus's faceMultiply girls with their kids
After cake cutting, all of us went up to the room for aircon. While we wefie ... ...

haha.. mei mei so angry.. why arh?The kids are enjoying themselves at the upper levelAha..  there's a little dinosaur!Dinosaur came alive when we're about to leave =DGoody bags from the party includes a glider, 3D pirate ship & personalized name chop for the kids
Once again, Happy 5th Birthday Jaycus & Thanks Angeline for the invite

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