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Monday, 19 October 2015

KPop Town | KFC & Pizza Hut's D&D

KFC & Pizza Hut's Annual D&D and our company being their 3rd Party Logistics service provider, 5 of us were being invited to attend. This is probably my 5th time attending. 

This year's theme is KPop Town, but since I doubt I can carry it off, I opt for the simple Korean look.
Not totally looking like a Korean, but this is the best I can do =D
Some pictures before we were seated
Vicky, from FID. She is someone whom I met when I was younger and when I'm working at McDonald'sThe rest of the pictures are of those whom I either worked closely with, or those whom I talked to over the phone for long period of time but have yet to meet them in personSince we were invited guests, we were seated at VIP table near stageOpening dance by the managementNo captions for the pictures since it's just wefies =DFelix, best restaurant manager I work with.
Ok, one selfie before the dinner ends. Wefie while waiting for Lynette's hubby to pick her and I managed to hitch a ride from her cos she's just staying at Choa Chu Kang!Door gift from the event - recycle tote bag & selfie sick

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