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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Pizza Hut's latest Super Sub

Super Sub, the latest promo for Pizza Hut's home delivery. Promo started yday, so we decided to give it a try today. 

We ordered the Super Sub Variety Meal @ $14.90 (super sub, reg pizza & 4pc honey roasted wing), my all-time favourite Sweet & Spicy Drumlet & a Super Sub meal @ $7.90 (super sub, mini muffin & can green tea)

item not clearly marked on the box, end up we have to open up the box, unwrap & check what's the sub inside the box.. too troublesome.. would be good if the choice of sub is marked clearly on the box for easy identification... 

kristy had Alpha Chic (spicky chicken chunks, chicken ham & cheddar cheese with honey mustard sauce on focaccia bread) & i had Mr Beef Blast (mince beef, pepperoni, lettuce, cheddar cheese with creamy neapolitan mayo on focaccia bread).. 

personally i feel alpha chic will be better if lettuce is added in the sub.. as for my mr beef blast, i dun tink beef & mayo makes a good combi.. and since i dun like cheese & mayo, i make do w/out both.. but taste quite gd.. heehee

the cute mini muffin taste not bad also, but too bad it has got raisin, which i dun really like.. & its really mini lor.. is like one mouthful & its gone.. lol

anyway, i had oredi feedback the 'burnt' bread to the outlet mgr, so hope its be better on my nxt

Damien Lam is born

Finally after about 10hrs of wait.. Damien is finally born at 1604hrs, weighing 3.705kg (same as Carol's Amelia)

Damien's 二叔, together with his 二婶, 表姐 & soon-to-be 表妹 visits him on his 2nd day
Gift from colleaguesHome on the 3rd day but got hospitalized again for jaundice & finally back home on the 5th day