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Sunday, 26 November 2017

LeTara | Keeren's Mini-class Gathering

The school terms or this year has ended and Koguu has arranged for a mini-class gathering for Keeren & his classmates
Some pictures while waiting for the rest to comeBriefing in processApart from the 14 kiddos, 4 parents & 1 teacher tag along tooDocked at Lazarus Pier & the kiddos are getting ready to hit the beachHaha.. ok, not easy to get 16 kiddos to gather for a nice pictureThe boys at the beachJetski-ing for the adultsAfter an hour of beach fun, the boys are back at the dock to wash up & gets ready for dinnerYeah, yeah.. dinner is being served!Before heading back, Keeren presents his self-drawn poster for his classmates & hoping they will remain as close friends next year cos they will be split into 3 different classesWah.. so tiring looking after a bunch of active P2 boys!After sending the boys off, we went for supper!Uncle Nizam, their all-time #1 favorite uncle
Tiring day, but were glad that we can again be of help to the boys