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Sunday, 19 November 2017

LéTara Yacht | 2017 ONE15 Christmas Boat Light Parade

Just last week, we were onboard LéTara Yacht for a mock-light up for the lady in preparation of the Christmas Boat Light Up Parade organised by ONE15 Marina Club 
Today is the actual of the light up parade & we're on the way early morning to get the lady prepared!The boys needs some entertainment while we get the lady dressed upWe couldn't find the 'beansprout", so decided on twist tie to secure the fairy lights onto the railingWhile the big boys fix up the fairy lightsJenny fix up the ornamentsKogu managed to get his friend to do up a huge Christmas wreathWhen I say huge, it's really huge!Check it out the size!He also do up a very pretty LéTara signageThis is from far!Internally, we also put up some small decoWow.. what a huge candy caneOk, take a break.. let's go for lunch at KFC first!Sion went One15 Marina Club for briefing and got the lucky number 5 for the parade sequenceBack viewThe proud owner of LéTara Yacht with the certificate of participationAnd so, we fool around with lots of wefieBecause we will be onboard for couple of hours & with many others onboard, Jenny catered some food from DeliHub for all of usAnd so ... ... we are ready to set sail from Keppel Marina to ONE15 Marina ClubSome pictures with the pretty Christmas wreathHo Ho Ho.. we also have SantaAs well as Santarina onboard!The Lady also has some blessing from the Thai master Nice view along the wayRainbow spotted but a little faintLéTara Yacht, all ready to enter her very first competitionWhile waiting for event to officially startBecause we were onboard & actively engaging with audience along Vivo, no time to snap photos & also couldn't snap any picture of the other yachtsWoohoo~ still got snow effect yo!After the parade, naughty Santa made the little by get into Santa's gift bag & somehow the little one kind of fit in, except for the heightResult announcement & prize presentation is at ONE15 Marina Club. so Kogu & David drove all of us there to wait for the resultSome pictures while waiting for the resultWoohoo ~~ LéTara Yacht won 2nd prize for fleet 40FT - 55 FT
Congratulations, LéTara Yacht!
Anka Yacht also won 2nd for fleet 55FT aboveCongrats, Anka YachtThe man in control for the night!The trophy! Ook, prata for supper after the event

Dun worry, friend. No mater what color, u're still my friend.
It was LéTara Yacht's first time joining such event & we had great fun dressing The Lady up! 

Thanks Kogu & Jenny for getting us involved.

Once again.. Congrats, LéTara Yacht

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