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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

1-Day Desaru Trip (vi) - Firefly Cruise

Last part of the 1-Day Desaru trip - Firefly Cruise, which is something that I look forward to! 

Before cruising to the place to watch Firefly, we were being cruised to watch 燕子!

We then proceed deeper to watch Firefly.

I was quite disappointed of the outcome cos I didn't really see a lot of Fireflies around & due to bright moonlight, the entire area was not dark enough to be able to catch a nice Fireflies scene, but it was still a rather pleasant ride on the cruise. No pictures of the Fireflies cos I practically can't see anything from my camera LCD!

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Part 4: Visit to Fruit Farm (Admission fee at own expense)

1-Day Desaru (iv) - Fruit Farm

Right after lunch, we were brought to the Fruit Farm. Entrance fee is at own expense, Sam decided to give it a miss cos we actually went there about 2 years ago. As it was Evelyn's first time, I decided to join her in touring the Fruit Farm. Wendy also joined us cos she don't wanna sit around & do nothing while waiting for us as the guided tour is about an hour long.

Juices were sold at the retail shop outside the Fruit Farm. ooh~~ how I miss the Bua-Longlong drink! Sam bought the Soursoap drink

Can you remember these bubble gums? Unfortunately, these are banned in Singapore!

Hopped on buggy for a 5min ride into the farm

Here you can find lots of seasonal & non-seasonal fruits, and let's take a look at some of them, including some vegetables & herds

Mata Kuching - Another type of Longan

Can't remember what is this, but I think is Coffee Tree

Thousand Fingers Banana

Stevia (Sweet Leaf Plant) - some use this as a natural sweetener in place of sugar

There's also a small garden in the middle of the fruit farm

Walking along the stretch where they have Water Apple (Jambu) at both sides

There's a Mini Zoo in the Fruit Farm too!

Evelyn super happy cos she loves rabbit!

Rabbits here are cheap! RM$15 for 1, RM$20 for a pair!

haha.. Evelyn also loves the fat lazy Chicken!

meh~~~~~~ last shot of the animals before leaving the farm

The guided tour ended with a packet of complimentary mixed fruits

Do read my previous post on my 1-Day Desaru trip here:
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Part 2: Visit to Ostrich Farm
Part 3: Lunch at 新光海鲜冷气酒楼
Coming up next, Free & Easy shopping at KIP Mart & a disappointing dinner at 新美都冷气酒楼

Desaru Fruit Farm
Hentian Penawar, 
No 1, Sungai Cemaran Desaru, 
Kota Tinggi, 81900, 
Kota Tinggi, Johor

Baby Cyrus's 满月

Ryan & Unice presents Baby Cyrus Ng - another new member in the house!

Full month celebration was held at Quality Hotel - local buffet spread with live station of laksa & popiah. Food taste was not bad.

Me & Alyssa with Star of the day - Cyrus Ng!

Mr Goh & Alyssa really father & daughter! Both making funny face!

Oops! Nathan caught half-naked

Nathan the moody boy cos he didn't get enough sleep

Theresa is also invited cos she's Aunty Linda's ex-colleague!

Mr Goh ah~ Mr Goh.. sleep everywhere he goes! haha

Nathan is finally smiling.. and he eats cracker non-stop!

Joshua & Luke

Quality Hotel Singapore
A member of Choice Hotels International

201 Balestier Road
Singapore 329926 
Tel: (65) 6355 9988 
Fax: (65) 6255 0998