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Monday, 30 December 2013

The Line, Shangrila Hotel

Another feasting session! 

Kogu called on Friday, asking me to make reservation at The Line cos Jenny wants to try the buffet there. Nizam tried calling the hotel to make reservation but it's full, so I try to make reservation via Chope & surprisingly, they're got an available table!

Was pretty pleased that we were given a table indoor cos as per the email confirmation from The Line, my reservation will be at the outdoor.

I also requested for a birthday day for Jenny

Happy Birthday, Jenny

Then we started our feast! 

Erm.. 4th round & I'm still on appetizer while the rest of them are 3/4 full already!

When I finally started on the mains, I find it not as interesting as the appetizers =D

I went back for 2 more rounds of oysters.

Desserts. Most of the desserts doesn't impress me cos they're all cakes/ tarts

The Birthday girl & her dotting hubby

The Line
22 Orange Grove Road, 
Shangri-La Hotel 
Singapore 258350
Phone 6213 4275

Operating Hours
Opens daily from 5am to 1am 
Breakfast: Continental Buffet 
5am – 10.30am (Daily) 
Breakfast: Full Buffet 
6am – 10.30am (Monday to Friday) 
6am - 11am (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) 
Breakfast: À la carte 
5am – 11am (Daily) 
12noon - 2.30pm (Monday to Friday) 
12noon - 3pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) 
6pm - 10.30pm 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Voodoos' Year End Gathering

Voodoos's Year End Gathering. This year we gathered at Cindy's place instead of having dinner at restaurant

Potluck - the amount of food we have. I didn't manage to take pictures of the food as all the food has already been a little messed up when I reach

I bought Chocolate coated Strawberries from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for dessert. 

After dinner, we started playing some games. We started off with "You must be a Idiot". Kweng kweng.. out the many many questions, I only manage to answer 3 questions & guess what I answered? 

1. Who lives in a pineapple tree under the sea? - Spongebob Squarepants
2. What's the fruit in Pacmen? - Cherry
3. What's the name of the horoscope dated November 22 - December 21? - Sagittarius

haha... sometimes. playing game & watching cartoons also help =D

Then we payed this Quarto! for awhile & finds it a little boring. We end up chit-chatting

Some pictures before the night ends. Thanks Cindy & Kong for hosting 

Steamboat Session

Still in the Christmas feasting mood, we had an impromptu steamboat session at Angeline's place

Again, Theresa prepared her special recipe drink

Angeline improvised my appetizer by adding some fish sauce, sugar, chili padi & it taste pretty good too

2 different pots - Tom Yum soup for adults & Chicken soup for the kids

Sauces available - Angeline's home-made chili, sasame sauce & chinese bbq sauce

Food stuffs for the feast

Wait no more.. feast! 

I bought Durian puffs from emicakes for dessert

Theresa also bought very sweet Japanese Melon

Angeline again bought the sparkling juice. I also bought the plastic wine glass. Pretty right? 

Group picture

Sam also bought stuffs she bought from Macau. Looks familiar? Those who watch TVB drama 巨輪 should know this! These are the "羅信記" 花生糖, 凤凰卷, 杏仁餠 .. I didn't eat the 杏仁餠 but both 花生糖 & 凤凰卷 is really really nice!

Also, souvenir from Macau, also from Sam. 

Thanks Angeline for hosting & got herself busy due to our super impromptu decision to have steamboat =D .. also Thanks Sam for all the goodies from Macau

Fullhouse Signature

Christmas Eve dinner with Angela & Ivy @ Fullhouse Signature

The last time I went to Fullhouse Themed Restaurant, the place was quite pretty, like every girls's dream house. Thus, I suggested this newly opened restaurant at Clark Quay since we have no idea where to go

As you can see from the pictures, the restaurant is indeed very pretty. 

We wanted to try the Oysters & Salmon Sashimi but it was out of stock =(  thus, we settled for the Christmas Set menu $59++

Meal started with Champagne & soup. The girls opt for Wild Mushroom while I try the Turkey Chowder, which is a little creamy but it is sweet. It also comes with a cute slice of garlic bread & a small pile of potato under the bread.

Next, a serving of Fullhouse Christmas Salad. Greens drizzle with balsamic dressing, served with a poached egg & cheese stick. The cheese stick is not very cheesy & I soak it with the balsamic dressing to musk the cheese smell

Main dish is choise of Cod Fish or Steak. Cod Fish with lemon sauce, served with mashed potato & asparagus. Steak is also nicely done as requested (I request for mid-rare) & the sauce is sweet. Also served with mashed potato & some seasonal vegetables.

By the time we finished the 3 courses, the girls are already quite full we have to request for the desserts to be served later

Dessert is a choice of Banana Pudding or Molten Lava Cake & all of us choose the later. Cake is warm when served. It's sweet & the lava flows when it;s being forked in. Vanilla ice cream is being served at the side.

After our meal, we shifted over to the "Garden" for more drinks & enjoy the live band performance, which is only available Friday - Sunday

The cute family portrait @ Fullhose Siganture

Service here was pretty good as well. 

Fullhose Siganture
3A,Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04
Singapore, Singapore 179020
Operating Hours: 11:30 - 01:00
Phone: 6338 0885