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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Steamboat Session

Still in the Christmas feasting mood, we had an impromptu steamboat session at Angeline's place

Again, Theresa prepared her special recipe drink

Angeline improvised my appetizer by adding some fish sauce, sugar, chili padi & it taste pretty good too

2 different pots - Tom Yum soup for adults & Chicken soup for the kids

Sauces available - Angeline's home-made chili, sasame sauce & chinese bbq sauce

Food stuffs for the feast

Wait no more.. feast! 

I bought Durian puffs from emicakes for dessert

Theresa also bought very sweet Japanese Melon

Angeline again bought the sparkling juice. I also bought the plastic wine glass. Pretty right? 

Group picture

Sam also bought stuffs she bought from Macau. Looks familiar? Those who watch TVB drama 巨輪 should know this! These are the "羅信記" 花生糖, 凤凰卷, 杏仁餠 .. I didn't eat the 杏仁餠 but both 花生糖 & 凤凰卷 is really really nice!

Also, souvenir from Macau, also from Sam. 

Thanks Angeline for hosting & got herself busy due to our super impromptu decision to have steamboat =D .. also Thanks Sam for all the goodies from Macau

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