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Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Color Run Hero Tour 2018

Irene initiated & so the entire AFamily joins The Color Run, Hero Tour!
Here, the runner's entitlementRace pack collection was done a week before the run at City Square MallMerchandise sold during the race pack collection.. so prettyCan't help but to buy the tutu skirt & the headbandSince it's the color run, I went to dig out this pair of very old shadeWhile waiting for the restLighting tattoo, but it didn't stay well 😞
Damn cute my friend 😂

Fat unicorn
The AFamily! Our very first healthy event together 😊

Let the fun begin!

This lady damn cute! Saw us taking picture, run over & hug me from behind

The little one grumbling tired alreadyGot ice lolly after the u-turnFinishing point!
After race situation. Not so colorful after all. I saw many of the runners were covered by colors from head to toe! 

It was fun & hopefully I will be able to join again next year with more fun peeps! 

Thanks to Kogu, we went to freshen up at One15Marina after the run before heading for dinner.

Dinner!The pretty medal