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Monday, 30 April 2007

2nd Shopping Day in Bangkok

after 1 long day of shopping.. we continue our 2nd day @ another well-known mall... MBK! again... we do nothing but eat, shop, eat & shop again.....wanted to go for foot massage at our usual plc, but it was rainning heavily... no choice have to settle for massage in the hotel.. so ex lor... 450bhat for an hr of foot massgae/thai traditional massage.. of cos we choose thai traditional lor...

1st Exciting Day in Bangkok

okay.... its 5am in the morning & im at Singapore Changi Airport... waiting to board the 7am flight to.... Thailand, Bangkok!

haven been there for few yrs liao.. last went in 2003! long long ago right? still remember the first time we went in a grp of 10 pax in 2001.. than it shrank to a grp of 8 in 2002... than to a grp of 6 in 2003.. & now after 4 yrs? only went in a grp of 3! why? cos those ppl who are attached went MIA! sad right? :(

anyway.. we still had our share of fun & laughter.. shoopping spree & most important of all... FOOD! 

not a very fruitful trip for my shopping spree this trip cos too fat.. cant really find clothes (dun noe why their ppl thr all so small size?).. din see any nice shoe oso... but anyway... we still enjoyed ourself alot!