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Monday, 30 May 2016

Batam Trip w/ATeam | Day 3

Batam day 3 and in less than a few hours, we'll be back to reality :(
OMGness! I lost my eyebrow pencil and had to use Angela's gel eyeliner. But wth ... ... I think I look like Angry Bird lah!Then laze around while waiting for everyone to be readyHead down to Ngoya Hill Mall for lunch at May Star RestaurantPrawn DumplingHar GaoCustard Bun, pretty good with flowing & thick custard fillingSteam Beancurd SkinPanfried Chee Cheong FunSiew MaiChee Cheong FunThai-styled Roast ChickenHorfunBraised Duck wing with vegetablesLotus Paste Sesame BombAfter lunch, we went grocery shoppingHaha.. my every trip of grocery shopping only consist of IndoMi Mee Goreng, body scrub & some tidbitsThen went Reborn Massage againWe do not have much time left, so only had a session of 60-min foot massageI initially had a male masseur but Sion says his masseur (the lady seen here) is not strong enough, so I exchange mine with him. But... .. her strength & skill, omg ... power lehAs usual, enjoying a cup of ginger tea & coconut biscuit after  the massageThen we went to collect Honey Cake from The Master & Kueh Lapis from Layers (Lamoist)And rushed to ferry terminal to catch ferry homeWahaha... when we came, the table was empty but look at the table situation "Picnic" on boardLoots from Batam but the noodles here are just 1/5 of itKueh LapisHoney CakeBody Scrubs
So this overall sums out my Batam trip with the ATeam! Looking forward for the next getaway with the usual gang!

May Star Restaurant
Lantai 2, Nagoya Hill, Jl. Teuku Umar, Lubuk Baja, 
Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, 
Batam, Indonesia
Tel: +62 778 7430405

Reborn Massage
Ruko Nagoya Hill Superblock
R3 - i6&7
Batam, Indonesia 
Tel: +62 778 749 3655 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Batam Trip w/ATeam | Day 2 - Keeren's BIrthday

Evening of day 2 is Keeren's 7th birthday celebration, and it's the main reason why we're at Batam
After everyone has freshen up, we proceed to the dinner venue for the birthday celebrationYUZU Sushi Boutique & RestaurantCute floor mat
Decor here is super pretty and best for camwhoring!Almost every piece of furniture is designed by lady boss & custom madeCute little vespa named YuzuUpper lever of the restaurantApart from the main dining area, 3 private rooms are available too. A group picture while waiting for our foodFood stuffs we orderedAfter dinner, we went around taking picturesHere comes the cake! The bear quite cute lah.. and David call this "Batam's Rilakkuma"The rest of the pictures need no caption =)Once again.. Happy 7th Birthday, KeerenBack to the clubhouse for supper after dinner while waiting for David & Liana to join us