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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Painful truth of Appendicitics

I always hear from grandma & the parents says "don't exercise after eating or you will get appendicitis"..

But hell! I don't exercise after eating & still get appendicitis

I woke up with bad gastric on Friday morning, vomited & still went to work. By the time I reach office, I went vomiting again & immediately went to the doctor & was sent home. 

In the afternoon, I developed slight pain on the right bottom abdomen but thinking it's due to my sleeping position, I choose to ignore it. 

In the middle of the night, the pain is almost unbearable & I also developed fever. Still, I choose to ignore it.
Woke up on Saturday morning & the pain is still persistent, so I went to the doctor again. This time, I was being asked to go to the hospital immediately as the doctor suspected I had appendicitis.Referral letter was given & there I go, to National University Hospital (NUH)Registered at A&E at 12 pm & waited till 12.30 pm for the nurse to see me & send me off for urine specimen. Then I was showed to waiting area to wait for doctor on duty to see me. So cold while waiting. Luckily blankets are available2 pm, seen by doctor on duty & blood was sent for test. Doctor also suspected it's appendicitis but told to wait for gynea doctor to me to confirm it's not womb or ovary infection or cyst. But the gynea doctor went out for emergency & I was put on bed in observation ward while waitingAnd because I have not eaten since 10 pm last night, I was put on drip to keep me hydrated while waiting for gynea doctor to be back.
At 6 pm, doctor on duty came to inform that I will have to be admitted & staff will talk to me in a short while. 

At 7 pm - ward was available & gynea doctor is also back, so they send me to the doctor before sending me to the ward to wait for result. 
Finally being sent to the ward at about 7.45 pm. Theresa, Angeline & Fiona came but was being shut outside observation ward for few hours till I was warded.  
Thank you girls for rushing over to check on me upon hearing that I'm alone in the hospital.
Ee Ling also came with thoughts. Thanks girls.
After the girls left, sis came and went with me for CT Scan and left when I'm done. At about 10 pm, I'm being pushed to the operating theater as the scan results confirmed that it was appendicitis. Didn't take note how long does the operation cos I am knocked out completely after the operation =D
Woke up with this one the left handAnd this on the rightBig patch of bruiseAnd the blood shots from inside I guess 3 keyholes to remove the almost ruptured appendix. Luckily it can be removed. Otherwise have to go under the knife!They also inserted a drain tube to remove all the excessive blood & waste from the appendixFirst meal after almost 30 hours on Sunday and it's clear feed. Clear soup, clear jelly, clear apple juice & clear tea. The same items (except for tea) are also being served for lunch & dinner
Reason for clear feed is because doctors are afraid that my stomach & intestines are unable to cope after going without food for 30 hours & surgery
Friends like Theresa & family, le bff & family, Anthony & wife, colleagues, AFamily & Sam came for visit todayGloating over my misfortune =(Still on clear feed on Monday morning except that there's no jelly but 2 apple juices this morning. 
Doctor came, checked and says they will upgrade my food to liquid feed since there are no signs of vomiting after 4 clear feeds. 
So lunch was upgraded to liquid feed but ... seriously, the clear soup taste better than this. This is blended tasteless porridge man! I was also given milo during tea break today. Phew! After Hazel, Angeline, Evelyn & mum left, I decided to catch up on drama, but fallen asleep within 5 mins. Happened a few times & so I gave up watching! =DPhysio therapist came and checked if I can get down the bed for a walk. As the wound on the belly button & panty line is quite painful, she made me a cute pillow so that I can apply some pressure on the wound when getting up & down the bed. Ok, feeling slightly better today. Now, time to sleep againTuesday morning, an old friend came to visit while on her way to work and bought me soya milk & porridge from Mr Bean cos the doctor has given permission to change to soft diet.Because the meat ball is quite big, she even cut it into small pieces for me. Also helped me with packing of some of my stuffs which I don't quite needLunch from the hospitalSome kind thoughts from friends who came for visit over the past few daysDoctor gave permission to discharge on Tuesday noon. I forgot to update the girls and luckily bump into Fiona at the liftHaha.. like one pregnant woman who just gave birthBack home, the glutton fights for my my food for sick =(Charlene also send a basket overBreakfast at homeSweets for sick! And yes, I have been eating bird's nest daily cos I have a lot!The 3 woundsThe company also send over get well basketWendy also sent some food over. 
Honestly, it was quite painful despite it's only 3 keyholes, but I'm on the road to recovery. 

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes & the thoughts. 


Went back for post ops review on 14 Jun 17 and the doctor says everything is good and free of food restrictions =)