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The reason why this blog is created is because is shutting down & all posts will be removed. Some posts here are back-dated from Aug 2004 - Aug 2012! I'm just doing a screen-shot & re-posting slowly cos it ain't easy to import every single photo. Therefore, only thumbnails are available for viewing, which also explains the white background & the little note at the end.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Menya Musashi | Dinner with Colleagues

An impromptu dinner date with colleagues at Menya Musashi cos May needs to wait for her boyfriend and she needs to fix some stuffs at Tampines Mall.
3 of us had 3 different types of soupI had the black (garlic) which is my favoriteMay tried the red (spicy) soup but feels it ain't spicyYin prefers the originalOther side dishes we hadHappy Dinner =)

Menya Musashi
4 Tampines Central 5, 
Tampines Mall, #04-02, 
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6786 3221

Monday, 26 June 2017

Herbs Bistro | Lunch w/Twinnie

Public Holiday late lunch with the twinnie. Wanted to go pinle for hotpot buffet but they are having teochew porridge buffet during lunch time & the session finish at 3 pm, so we ended up at Herbs Bistro
I ordered iced lemon ginger tea but was served hot instead, so the staff  gave me a cuppa iceTruffle Fries & Wings for sharingWe ordered a portion of grilled chicken but they accidentally keyed in 2 portions, so since it's been served, we just take it.Claypot Chicken RiceThe glutton whacked almost the whole portion of truffle friesI had Beef BologneseBut halfway tru eating, I developed fever and couldn't even finish 1/3 of the entire plateAnd the girls whacked off the balance of my pasta! Went home direct & pop panadol =(

Herbs Bistro
1 Pasir Ris Close
Market Square @ Downtown East, 
E! Avenue, #02-333,
Singapore 519599
Tel: 6385 1121
Opening Hours: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

Saturday, 24 June 2017

BBQ with The 3in1 Gang

Yoohoo ~~ long time didn't BBQ already & I had to miss the one at Batam 3 weeks ago cos I was hospitalized for appendicitis. Because it's a long weekend, David organised a BBQ session for us to get together
Tsum Tsum is out with me today cos I bought Shitake Mushroom & Fake Abalone Slices for the BBQ
First to reach cos I go direct to Davids house from office and I also need to put the food I bought onto skewers. Their helper helped to put the food onto skewer, so the task was done in a short while.
Oops. Got on camera for being too comfortable on the armchair. Sorry, I'm a little too shag out after having 2 long days at work, and a late night's out. So, fell asleep while waiting for the rest of them to arrive.Wahaha... the person who catch me on camera got caught on someone else's camera =D
BBQ stuffs ... ...
Salmon. Compliments from boss of Fish2Go
Home cooked mee hoon & mixed veggie. Apart from these 2, Jenny also brought chicken nuggets & chicken kaarage while Theresa brought fishballs

More stuffs for BBQ
David's got the gas BBQ grill and Anthony helped to set-up
Then he went out cos he met his friend. Wah, our friend here, every part in Singapore also he meets someone!
So David took over the BBQ station
Satay man
Hmm... my first taste of Coke after having 3 sips on 30 May 17 till now
I bought my Elfie selfie drone it proves too difficult to manage & fly time is only 8 mins, before we even manage to figure out how to fly & shoot, the battery went flat as flying time is only 8 mins. So we fool around with Anthony's Insta360
Come, let the monitor & monitress of Sec2D, Chai Chee Sec Sch of 1988 bbq for all of uEveryone is done with eating except for me who just started eating after bbq-ing for almost 2 hours
And so ... ... cheers for good food, great company
Michael brought Chocolate Eclair & Durian Puffs
And that calls for a wefie =)Many Wefies with the little cutie pie
Another group wefie, this time with all the kids
Our "banglah" helping to clean the bbq "pit" after everyone leaves. 
Spent an enjoyable Saturday evening over good food, great fun & great company! 

Thanks David & Liana for organizing and hosting the bbq session =)