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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Pasir Panjang FC & Sushi Tei | Dinner with LéTara Family

Meeting up with LéTara Family on Saturday evening for dinner at Pasir Panjang Food Center for dinner
Porridge for dinner cos I am sill on some food restrictionsOk lah, can still eat satayBut I can only see them eat sotong kiaThey also passed me some goodies .. these are from Irene who just came back from the PhilippinesCloser look on the key ring that Irene customizedThe little one also gave me goody bag from his party which I was unable to attend last weekDavid who just came back from Bangkok gave me pork floss & dry shampoo. He also gave me a box of chicken essence for post ops recovery. Liana also passed me cookies which they are selling at YuzuWe meet up again on Sunday evening for dinner. This time, I finally remember to bring out these photos which I printed out via SPARK app for them. It has been lying around for very long already =DBecause I couldn't attend his party last week and have yet to buy his present, he gets to choose his own present. So he chooses 2 books from Dairy of a Wimpy KidAfter dinner, Kogu suggested going to the parkYes.. .. Me, the selfie queen is back in action!And we were lucky to spot double rainbow!A little faint & my picture doesn't really show justice to the rainbow, but it was really prettyThe sky on the other side is also very prettyFrom family of 2They multiply to 3And now, 4Me? The kid's #1 favorite auntThen we went McDonald's for dessert and erm... ... we all agree that the banana sundae tastes yucky (-_-)

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