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Saturday, 28 February 2015

正月初九 (ii) ☆ River Angbao

After Chingay, we walked down to River Angbao which is along the way to the nearest MRT station. Since we're there, we walked around to snap some pictures
Of cos, we started with the food street & we almost go crazy there. Pheonix财神This is sort of a wishing well for everyone to try throwing a coin at the wishesSingapore12 zodiacs - Goat12 zodiacs - Dragon12 zodiacs - Snake12 zodiacs - Cow12 zodiacs - Tiger12 zodiacs - Horse12 zodiacs - Rooster12 zodiacs - Dog12 zodiacs - Rabbit12 zodiacs - Rat12 zodiacs - Monkey12 zodiacs - PigLionDragon playground - whoever not from my era won't understand thisBird playgroundShaw Brothers celebrates SG50 too!

正月初九 ☆ Chingay2015

Woohoo~~ fro the first time in my 40 years of life, I'm watching Chingay live! Thanks to Mel's brother-in-law for the tickets! 
This year's Chingay theme: We Love SGAnd it's held at F1 Pit BuildingOur seats were directly opposite the VIP seats/ stageChecking out the stuffs in the recycle bag; rose made from recycle plastic bags/ bread packagingWhite Rabbit sweets. So old school lah.. but well, it's SG50 =DErm.. .. some light stuffs in recycle bottleGolden pom pom which seriously, looks like a dead mop! Haha.. us, fooling around with the "mop"Didn't collect the Chingay booklet from Mel, so, some segments are un-explainableWalking down memory laneBlack-White Television setSinga LionDragon PlaygroundMobile Phone 大哥大MRTChangi AirportMarina Bay SandsInternational FloatsMay the force be with you =DOne Team - Quite cool lah this float. Got race track on it More international floatsPeranakan segmentEh, who's this ah pek with such a cool cake?Wahaha,,, it's Mr President, Tony Tan!Ooh.. Teochew ship is coming to town... 'teochew nang, ga gi nang" Lion/ Dragon DanceWushu segment. if you're close enough, you would see a familiar face. Yes, the guy playing on the highest drum is none other than Vincent NgOut of a sudden, a huge piece of red cloth was being thrown down from the back to reach the stageGrand Finale - Local singer, JJ Lin performs in this segment with his own written song, DreamsFlag flying high while the song is going onFireworks, but we can't get the full view of it due to the metal railingsOnce again, thanks Mel for the tickets!