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Monday, 16 February 2015

New ATeam's Hide-out!

Kogu's cousin just moved into his new place and so invited us over for a meal
Simple & cozy little space

His cousin being a drinker, had a bar counter in the dining area & a commercial fridge. But hey, why is there a tap on top of the fridgeNo, the tap is not on the fridge. The tap is attached to the fridge cos he brewed his own beer! Wow.. impressive man! Heeran enjoys the swing & sits like a King =DMy silly fatty friend also tries the swing to see if it can take his weight =DDinner is servedLittle friend insisted on funny face =)His cousin's daughter's pet - Rio the hamsterStriking a poseStrawberry for after dinner fruitsThen we also had louhei cos it's the first time they're inviting us over & CNY is just round the cornerHuat arh!So here's my louhei mates on my 4th louhei of the yearKeeren wishing each & everyone a Happy Chinese New YearAt the void deck waiting for Kogu to drive the car out from carparkSomeone knock out in the car & look at how he sleep .. lol
Thanks Govan & family for inviting us over for a simple meal & offering a new hide-out for the ATeam. Let's hope our louhei 4D number "open" this week =)

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