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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tan Family's Reunion Dinner on Valentine's Day

Yoohoo ~~ It's the family reunion dinner, and it's on Valentine's Day! Before I continue, Happy Valentine's Day to each & everyone of you out there! Again, this was we had our reunion dinner at brother's house since mum is now staying at Bedok also.
Dinner all prepared by brother, with some help from his wife. It was quite a simple one cos they bought too much food last year and we couldn't finish it. This year, the amount of food was reduced by half, but still we couldn't really finished it all =DAs usual, 3 types of dips for the dinnerSis brought along a can of Skylight mini abalone. Not bad leh.. less than $27 but got 10 mini abalones. Taste quite nice too, and not toughDig in! Dig in! Dig in!Cute fishcakes are of cos for the kids only =DAnd so, needless to say ... ... selfie/ wefie. camwhore time since I'm the first to finish eating =DSuper cute Nathan insisted that my sil cooked the noodles over the stove instead of putting it in the steamboat pot. He also refuse to let us try even a strand of his noodles. How cute!Then it's Tiger time before I continue snapping away ~Oops.. got photobombed by my bilThe mess in the living room =DYes.. again, these are my 5 nephews!Mum grumbling that she has no grand-daughters =DHmm... someone is fascinated with my glittering stars phone casingHello SIL... that's a pomelo, not a durian. No need to use so much strengthFamily pix! Aiya, Daryl was holding the remote control and was crazily snapping away without us remaining focusedAll the unfocused pictures... luckily the first one was quite good, except that sil's eye is slightly closedWhen we're heading home, we found this little kitty sleeping in the sink at the void deck. This kitty is so not afraid of human & it has been sleeping there for the longest time. We caught this kitty at the same position last year too =)Sis & bil went to meet their friends, so I cab home with the boys. Jeng ... both knock out when in cab on the way home. 
Once again, Happy Valentine's Day and hope you had a great one just like mine =)

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