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Thursday, 26 February 2015

正月初七 ☆ 人日快乐 ~ Dinner @ 鳕鱼之家

It's 7th day of CNY, so ... ... Happy Birthday, all humans! 人日快乐!
Sis called me while I was on the way home to meet them at Putien Codfish Specialty House 鳕鱼之家 for dinnerOf cos, 人日 must have yusheng right? Huat arh! Wishing everyone good health, good wealth, lots of happinessBig boy's face when asked to eat the vegetablesWhile the small boy is enjoying the carrots.
We were looking  at set menus & the staff recommended their latest set menu named SG50! No, it's not $50. They just created for the fun of it =) 
First on the list, prawn omeletteClaypot TofuCod fish "steamboat" is very good. Soup is very sweet & fish is very fresh. Broccoli with abalone. The dish comes with 5 mini abalones, so we topped it up 2 more abalones at $4.90 each since we have 7 person including the kids & helperPrawn Paste ChickenWe also add on Hing Hwa Bee Hoon, which is good tooHelper is super happy cos she gets a mini abalone too!Small boy is also a happy boy cos the stall owner gives him a balloon =D

Putien Codfish Specialty House 鳕鱼之家
2 Phoenix Road
Singapore 668156
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
Tel: 8163 4477 / 6875 0577

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