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Monday, 23 February 2015

正月初四 (ii) ☆ Janice's 家

After movies with Ivy & Angela, I actually went to Kogu's house for awhile. But since I'm coming here & then back to Kogu's house again, I shall update the pictures for here first. 

Ex-McDonald's Clementi meet-up for CNY. Janice has volunteered to host the gathering this year & since Nicholas is back from Shanghai for CNY, he also joined us for the meetup

With Marlyn (purple hair girl), there is no shortage of pictures =D

Using the old-school gas portable stove, but Japanese pot for the steamboat
Janice's hubby, whom seriously, I don't remember meeting him before but he knows who I amAnyway, Nancy is irritated that I'm doing it so slowly, offers to cook the fish for me =DLao Charbo, u the best lah!A picture to show those that No Show! =D=D=D
One last shot before I leave =) 

Nice catching up with this bunch of peeps which I met them when I was attached to McDonald's Clementi. See ya next year! 

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