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Friday, 20 February 2015

正月初一 ☆ 祝大家: 羊年快乐

咚咚咚呛 .. 咚咚咚呛.. 咚咚咚呛咚呛咚呛! 

新的一年又来了.. 祝大家:  羊年快乐!

身体健康, 万事如意, 和和气气, 出入平安. 最重要的是... ... 大家发大财. Huat arh! 

In short, here's wishing everyone a Happy Goat Year & may ur wishes come true, good health, good wealth. Most importantly. ..... huat arh! 
Breakfast! so fattening =DThe boys are up & ready early in the morning to receive guestsWhile I'm still in my singlet Lunch was vegetarian cos bil's family is on half-day vegetarian. This is one of my favorite - luncheon meatVegetarian goose. Tried using air-fryer & the result is crispy but turns soft very fastFried rice with corn & oliveSome vegetarian dish which is also the one & only dish bil cooks yearlyAnd that's me, done & waiting for bil's brother to come over for lunchThe usual praying before lunchLunch!A shot with Frostie while waiting againFinally, time to work! Well, couldn't find my camera, so using the phone to take pictures for themThey still keeps the traditional way of greetings for the eldest in the family.Bil's brother's familyFamily pictures after lunch. While waiting for old Mr Lam, Frostie jumped up the sofa and made herself comfortable =DThe Lam family portraitA picture with the sisterAnd the helperThe helper & the kiddos
Finally all's done; ready to go visiting! 

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