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Saturday, 21 February 2015

正月初二 ☆ Aunty Lucy 家看舞狮

CNY Day 2 starts at Aunty Lucy's house. It was not in the plan, but we were here cos uncle Frankie told the boys there will be lion dance performance. Thus, the boys insists on ging there to wact the lion dance performance
Aunty Lucy's house is indeed a child friendly place lah. Look at the fleet of "vehicle"! Don't be mistaken. Aunty Lucy doesn't have a lot of grandchildren. She only has one god-grandson! So yes, the fleet of vehile belongs to one boy! Lion Dance Troupe ~ 诚敬會 CJHThe Lions: " Come on buddy, let's go"

Wishing the Low family a prosperous year! 
Huat arh! The boys fooling around =DAgain, camwhore with the cousins cos Trix says the app in her iPhone makes everyone very chioMahjong time! Aunty Lucy filling in the gap for Trix who is still eatingAnd when Trix is ready, I fill in aunty Lucy's gap while she attend to guests. Played half a round & won erm... $6 =D 

Ok, off aunty Lucy is back... so I'm off to Carol's house for mahjong! 

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