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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lam Family's Reunion Dinner on CNY Eve

Another round of reunion dinner. I usually joins the Lam family's (BIL's family) reunion dinner since I'm staying with sis. 
It was a last minute preparation cos sis is working till the day before CNY eve. The boys being helpful, helped to arrange the hotdogs & stuffsTable cleared! The only time the table will be cleared is during these few days =DMum came & brought along a pot of braised stuffsSis also bought roast chickenStuffs that the boys helped to arranged. Of cos, they only arranged partial lah =D and the cute ones are for the kids, but I ate a NemoMushrooms, corns, winter melonsPrawns, scallops, clams, fish, sea cucumbers & chickenMore balls, tofus. dumplings & luncheon meatsVegetables2 types of pork & beefAbaloneLast but not least, pig stomach soup for steamboat soup baseHere's the overview of the food for the reunion dinner. Before you ask how did I managed to snap the overview of the entire table ... ... Here's how! Standing at the tiny bit of space available on the "used-to-be TV Consol".. and I have to slightly do a back-bend & hold my phone high up in order to capture the overview of the table. My sister is so freaking scared that I fall face down on the table cos if that happens, my face will goes right onto the pot of hot boiling soup =DPictures done... let's dig in!Due to space constrain, I have to kneel on the pool table to snap pictures of themOf cos, we also asked to helper to sit in together since it's a reunion dinner.The kids are done & so they're off to playWhile we continue to feast!
I hope your reunion dinner was awesome too! 

I hereby wishes each & everyone of you a Happy Goat Year =)

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