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Friday, 20 February 2015

正月初一 (ii) ☆ Aunty Shirley 家

Off for visiting! Dropped Sis & bil off halfway tru while I continue my journey to aunty Shirley's house at Tampines
Another round of steamboat! Love the steamboat here as the soup base is always pig's stomach soup!As usual, camwhoring with the cousins, nephews, uncles, aunties. No captions needed for the rest of the pictiuresNot enough drinks, so went down to mama stall to buy some drinks. Saw this cute drink that Theresa recommended, so bought one to try. Not bad drink, but I find it a little sweetEat again since nothing much to do. Aunty Linda who doesn't really cook, specially cooks 算盘子 for us. Yummy but a little saltyAnother bowl of soup before leaving. 猪肚汤 by Aunty Shirley. This was a traditional dish we had since young & she's keeping it yearly even after grandma left. 很有ahma的味道Not forgetting ... 龙眼红枣茶 which is a must have too Few more pictures before going home
Hope your CNY Day one is as awesome as mine. 

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