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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Deepavali 2016 | ATeam's Yearly Affair

Woohoo ~~ it's another ATeam's yearly affair.. Deepavali!
I didn't have time to make murukku this year, so I just have to whack as much as possible from the ATeam HQAs usual, mahjong while waiting for food to be servedDinner! The only time we had almost all Indian food on the tableChicken WingBut super tiny =DDinner time =)
Happy Deepavali, peeps!

KFC & PH Dinner & Dance 2016 | Prime Time TV

KFC & PH Dinner & Dance 2016. As per previous years, we have 5 seats allocated to us. 

Theme this year ... Prime Time TV! 
From our outfit, can you figure out what TV show we're trying to imitate? Wahaha... if you're born in the 80s, you probably will know. Yes, it's 早安老师Even our ED also joined us as a "student"The rest of the pictures needs no caption =)If you had guessed most of "movies/ dramas", well done! =D 
We had so much fun and hopefully we'll be able to dressed to the theme next year if we're being invited again =)