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Saturday, 30 April 2016

SEA Aquarium | Edwin & Ting's Wedding

After being together for 13 years, the cousin & his girlfriend decided to sign their names on the dotted line. And guess where is the venue of the wedding dinner?
Guess it correctly already?If you have guess it right, well done! If not, yes.. .. it's SEA Aquarium!Very cool leh... ... I've been here a twice but never a time I am here after the aquarium is closed.The boys are equally excited!Because the venue is too pretty, we had to take many pictures, but didn't manage to take picture with everyone in the familyI am proud to say that I have very chio cousins/ cousins-in-lawBecause I also have very chio aunties!And good looking unclesI have cute nephews too!Joshua & Luke, the nephews that are a lot taller than me.. even when I'm a pair of 4-inch heels !And ah-ha! Managed to catch the handsome groom! Yes, not only I have chio female cousins, I also have a fair share of yandao male cousins ok?!Girl in the middle is the groom's sister btwOk, check out the official dinner venue. It's right in front of the Open Ocean where the empty space is. Yeah.. Cool right? How many times you get to dine with Stingrays swimming behind you right? Sorry. I had to take a couple of selfie with such a splendid view!A family picture with thousands of fishes behind usHaha.. the sister forgot to bring her nursing cape so gotta make do with Dalton;s biting cloth Ok, enough of the fishes ... let's take a look at the menu for the nightResorts World Sentosa's Appetizer Delights (Lobster Salad, Poached Duck, Crispy Yam, Sliced Suckling Pig, Glazed Char Siew)Double-boiled Superior Soup in Five Treasures (Fish maw, conpoy, topshell, baby abalone & cabbage)Someone asked me to snap picture of her multi-taskingWok-fried Kurobuta Pork with Sugar Beans in Kumquat SauceSteamed Red Caroupa with Superior Soya SauceThe newly-weds. 
Congrats, Edwin & Ting!
Sliced Abalone with Sea Cucumber and seasonal vegetablesWok-fried Prawns with Asparagus in garlic sauce topped with ebikoDeep fried mini man tou with crab meat sauceYam Paste and pumkin with lotus seeds & ginko nutsResorts World Sentosa's wedding petit foursMy silly nephew! 
Once again, Congrats Edwin & Ting in entering your new chapter of life. May you have a blissful marriage!

Also, Thank you uncle Sam & aunty Linda for inviting us to the very awesome venue for dinner! May your wish of having more grandchildren comes true soon!

After the dinner, the 3 Tan sisters & myself head down to Tang Music Box  for karaoke session!I love the concept of being able to pick different types of tidbits here but because we just finish dinner, I didn't pick any.We reached at around 12.30 am and at 2 am, we're still singing! But the girls started getting tired, so we left after a whileFun night with the cousins & hopefully we can do this often!

S.E.A. Aquarium
8 Sentosa Gateway.
Sentosa Island, 
Singapore 098269
Tel: 6577 8888

Tang Music Box
3B River Valley Road
#02-03/04 The Foundry
(Block B Clark Quay)
Singapore 179021
Tel: 6338 6659/6338 0081