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Monday, 25 April 2016

Pompompurin Café | Lunch with Buddy

Woots! I'm sure by now everyone in town would have known that Pompompurin has caused a wave in Singapore. The cute little golden retriever's cafe has made it's way to our shore and everyone has been talking about it. 

I was on leave on a weekday and so is the buddy. Thus, we decided to head down to the latest & possible the cutest cafe in town for lunch
Entrance to Pompompurin Cafe is already so cute! Queue was pretty long on a Monday late lunch. I was in the queue for about 35 mins!This is the hot spot for photo-taking. There are also a couple of Pompompurin stuff toys available to photo-taking but many ladies hog the toys during their entire stay in the cafeI wanted Mango Soda & Ice Cream Float but it was out of stock for a couple of days already, so I settle for Cookies & cream Caramel Latte ($11,99). Sweet if you drink it all the way from the bottom without stirring & bland after it's being stirrerIced Black Coffee ($6.99)I am Purin Pompompurin ($9.99). Custard pudding is pretty nice. Btw, the beret is an edible biscuitBagel's Special Pancake Tower ($21.99). This is a little disappointing as the pancake were dry & a little hard.Funnily, desserts were served even before the mains arrive. They didn't even asked if we would like our desserts to be served later. Spaghetti Napolitana ($26.99). Evelyn finds it quite good & she polish it off pretty fastTaco Rice in a Cup of Friendship ($19.99) *contains chicken & beef. Basically, this you have to "Kill" pompompurin & muffin onto the meat & veggies. The meat is quite delicious I must say. Looks a little too much for 2 girls? Actually we polish off everything except for the pancake cos it was dry & hard. 
My Taco Rice was served only after 2 reminders. Also, when I asked for new fork for dessert, I still did not get the fork that I requested for & I had to eat the pancake using the tiny teaspoon that comes with my drink. 

Btw, look out for dish with the Pompompurin mug icon cos those are dishes that allows you to bring home the souvenir mug after you have made payment for your meal. 
Staffs were friendly but service was rather slow. It also lack the attentiveness. 
Nevertheless, it was quite a cozy place for girlfriends to meet up for a meal. I won't mind coming back again but not if the queue is not long. 

Pompompurin Café
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central, #04-08 
Singapore 238896 
Opening Hours: 11 am – 10.30 pm
*Takeaway services are not available
*No reservations, walk-in only

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