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Monday, 25 April 2016

Snoopy Run, Singapore

Woo ~~ Snoopy Run Singpore! Oh my goodness .. now even Snoopy is coming for a run and so I signed up for the run together with Wendy. Theresa was supposed to sign up too but she was too busy & missed the sign up date
Collection was a nightmare on the first day of collection!It took me an hour just to get to the collection counter!Stuffs in the race pack includes towel, postcards, drawstring bag, race tee, number bib & a Snoopy's nose!6 am on the actual day of the run! Yeah, the run was at Kallang, so I had to leave house early.The 5 km route. Some says the route looks like Woodstock. What do you think?Every single photo opportunity was packed except for these 2, so we took a picture out of itSky is a little gloomy, I hope it doesn't rainOops, I look like I'm not wearing shortsOh Hi, Charlie!And so, Charlie flag off the race for wave #3A group of senior citizens practicing taiji. I'm surprised that there are even kids practicing it too! First time walking past the old Kallang Airport after it has since ceased it's operation as an airportCouple of photo opportunities but queue was way too long, so we continue to walk onFinally we see the inflatable Snoopy!How about picnic with Snoopy & Woodstock?Finally at the finishing line!Bump into Pearl! Someone whom I used to work with when I'm working at McDonald's BSJ8 back in 2001 & have not met for a couple of years!Stick around the stage area for mascots to come on stage. We missed Charlie Brown & manage to catch LucyAnd SnoopyAfter all the mascots left, we head on to Sportshub Library to get instant print for the event. Instant print are printed by SPARK Asia & all you need to do to upload your photo to Instagram with hashtag #SnoopyRunPhoto & you get to choose one photo to be printed for free! We were standing in the queue for close to an hour & then only I realized that my photo uploaded to Instagram when I was collecting the race pack, was playing the big screen behind the counter. Here's the very cute picture we both choose to be printedWahaha... some photo opportunity props are still around when we're done with collecting our instant printLunch at Ayam Penyet President once we're done with all the photo takings. Till the next cute running event ... ... 

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