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Friday, 25 April 2014

USB Hub Combo

I have not been using my camera cos my lappie has problem reading my SD card. 

Even the card reader that I have at home can't read my SD card. I have been pondering if the card or the reader is faulty, so I brought the card reader to office & eventually found that the card reader is faulty cos the desktop is not even able to detect the card reader

Since 3 out of 4 USB hub on my lappie is also faulty, I went Challenger to search for Multi-USB hub. Happened to find a multi-USB hub with cared reader combo!

I used to plug in the card reader, transfer the photos to lappie & unplug cared reader. Then plug in thumbdrive to transfer the photos from lappie to thumbdrive cos my lappie is super unstable can & will die on my anytime (which she just did last month)! 

Now with this multi-USB hub, I can transfer photos directly from the SD card to the Thumbdrive in just few clicks away!

Also, I renewed the Challenger 2-years membership & got this power bank free

Open up to check & realized it comes with a soft pouch. Very shiny & pretty right? And it also doubles up a flash light!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday @ Kidz Amaze

Happy Holiday! 

Sis is supposed to bring the boys out to the beach with 2 of her friends but one of them is sick & the other one's baby is sick, so the plan is cancelled. Thus, Daryl suggested going to Kidz Amaze cos he has not been there for quite sometime.

Super long slide! 

Obstacles =D 

The boys are off to play!

While the boys are out at play; sit & relax at Gelare over a regular portion of Tutti Frutti Super Treat & a bottle of Snapple

Followed by massage on the massage chair ($1 for 15 mins of massage) Cheap trill =D

When the kids are finally done after 3.5 hours, we head over to Ishi Mura Express for quick dinner cos the boys are very hungry & tired already. Decent Japanese bento/ remen at reasonable price.

Kidz Amaze (Jurong)
333 Boon Lay Way
Singapore 649848
Operating Hours: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Phone: 65 6686 4321

333 Boon Lay Way 
(Inside Kidz Amaze @ Level 1),
Singapore 649848
Tel: +65 6795 7827
Operating hours:
Monday to Thursday : 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Friday : 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Weekends and PH : 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Gazetted School Holidays : 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Note : Closing of Outlet will coincide with Monthly Maintenance of Kids Amaze @ Jurong Safra.

Ishi Mura Express
SAFRA Jurong - #02B-01
Operating Hours:
Daily, 11.30am to 9.30pm

Tsukada Nojo - April Gathering

We're back for more collagen at Tsukada Nojo cos it's Sam's birthday month & Cheryl has a craving for hotpot, so we suggested here! 

We decided at Chinatown Point as this branch takes reservation before 7 pm. However, do take note that although the restaurant takes reservation, they will only sit you in when all of your guests arrives & they will only hold your table for 5 mins. 

Hey! We have a guest! =D

Us before the dinner starts =)

Quite a few of the Thank-You art works are already pre-drawn & placed on a side table

The collagen! Wait for it to melt into yummy soup!

The standard set

Smiley prawns

One more shot of us =)

The soup after collagen jelly has fully melted. As usual, the server will scope up a small cup for you to try the original soup taste before removing the chicken inside & arranging the ingredients into the hotpot

This time round, the server who arranged the ingredients into the pot didn't arrange it nicely. It was rather messy as compared to our previous visit (here) *we put in the prawn ourselves

Apart from the standard Bijin Nabe set, we also ordered Homemade Tamagoyaki. Ooh~ delicious. Soft, fluffy & sweet; and nicely shaped!

Steamed chicken with Ginger Sauce. Lightly tasted but yummy

Chicken Nanban (Spicy). We had the original ones during our previous visit, so we decided to try the spicy version. Erm, we all prefers the original ones as the spiciness is too overwhelming.

What's Tsukado Nojo without a serving of Nikumaki Onigiri right? Angeline, Sam & myself had the one with Yuzu pepper while Cheryl tried the one with cheese. Since it's Cheryl's first time trying, she "trade" half of her's with Angeline 

Woohoo ~~ we have 2 promotions today! To celebrate Sam & Angeline's promotion, we had 2 portions of fries & gave 1 portion to the other table for Warren, Lizzie & Yuhui

Ketchup & Mustard for the fries

Erm... yes... these much of food are for 4 ladies only! 

Seaweed for the soup if you wanna change the flavor

Lastly, a Thank-You artwork =)

We had an enjoyable dinner (apart from a little screaming from Lizzie .. lol) & I'm definitely going to be back again cos I quite love hotpot! 

Tsukada Nojo
133 New Bridge Road
#02-37 Chinatown Point 
Tel: 6444 8840 
Opening Hours: 
11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Oreo No-Bake Dessert

Who loves Oreo? If you do, I'm sure you'll love this Oreo No-bake dessert from Jell-O

I bought this Oreo No-bake dessert few weeks ago from NTUC & didn't get down to getting it done cos I don't have a mixer. When I finally bought a hand-mixer, I don't have the ingredients although the ingredients needed are so simple. Last Sunday while out for breakfast, I finally remember to buy the ingredients =D

Very simple. All you need is 1-1/3 cup of cold milk & 4 tsbp of melted butter/ margarine

Finally putting my hand-mixer in use

Step 1: Add margarine to Mix #1 (Oreo bits), thoroughly mix & moisten the Oreo bits

Step 2: Lay the Oreo bits into dishpan. 

The boys wanted to help, so I got them to work on step 1 & step 2

Step 3: Add cold milk into Mix#2, mix on low speed for 30 secs

Step 4: Pour the mixture into the dishpan

Step 5: Pour in more Oreo bits from Mix#3 & mix well

The boys did both step 4 & step 5 also.

Done with preparation. Freeze for 1 hour before serving

Tada ~~~ cold Oreo No-bake dessert to beat the heat!

Saw on their website that they have quite a few no-bake cheesecakes. So far I only see this in NTUC, so I hope I can find some soon at boys at home loves cheesecake. 

Please drop me a line if you come across any other supermarkets selling No-bake desserts from Jell-O