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Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Manhattan Fish Market

Prakash initiate a dinner, so we went Bugis+ after Kogu & Jenny went Sim Lin to buy a new lappie. Walked the entire level4 & finally decided at The Manhattan Fish Market

I have not been here for quite sometime since they last failed me in service during my last visit. Realized that they have revamped their menu. Thus, we ordered a few bites for sharing

Fried country Mushroom which I forgot to try .. lol

Crispy White Bait is very crispy & crunchy served with coleslaw. Nice

Garlic herd Mussel comes with single & sharing portion. We ordered the sharing portion since there's 6 of us. A little disappointing cos the the sauce is a little bland & bread that comes along with it is slightly over-baked

I had the Small Grill which has a combination of grilled dory fillet, tiger prawns, calamari, seasonal vegetables, fries & fries. While most of the items is pretty nicely done, the rice is a tad too bland. 

The guys - Prakash, Nizam & Kogu

The girls - Jenny, myself & Fizah

Fizah is craving for desserts, so here we are! Manhattan Mud Pie

Manhattan Velvet Cake

Sizzling Brownie w/ice cream

While the rest of them shared all the above desserts, I opt for Citrus Sundae. Somehow it tasted like sprite with vanilla ice cream & a hint of mint. Very refreshing. Nice. All of them were satisfied with the rest of the desserts.

They do not serve complimentary ice water & it's charged at $0.50 per glass & it's non-refillable! Nizam feels it's not quite customer orientated that they charge us for ice water since out bill could easily come up to $200, so he spoke to the guy that serves us & check if he can serve us tap water instead. The guy went to speak to his supervisor manager on duty & then came with a round of ice water for all of us =)

The Manhattan Fish Market
201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ 
#04-07, Singapore 188067
Tel/Fax: +65 6884 9567
Business Hours : 11 am - 10 pm

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