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Monday, 7 April 2014

Tooth Implant - Phase 1

If you've been reading my blog, I'm sure you remembered that I got my tooth implant on the right done back in Jun 13. Every problematic teeth on the right side is fixed, so I'm getting those problematic teeth on the left fixed! 

I went for surgery in Dec 13 to remove 1 decayed wisdom tooth & 2 broken teeth on the left. Today, I'm back for Phase 1 tooth implant for the 2 broken teeth which I removed.  

Breakfast  before dental appointment. Redeemed the Chicken Ham roll from McDonald's surprise alarm!

At the dentist, waiting to be operated! Here's a picture of the implant process.

Getting ready

Oops, a gross picture of the hole caused by removal of 2 broken teeth

After the process. Face is kind of swollen on the left, and am already feeling the pain even before the anesthetic wear off. The last time I did, the pain lasted for about a week & causes me gastric. I hope this time, the pain is not as bad. But then again, it's 2 implants this time, so the pain will be double! 

When home, the pain is getting as little bad, so I decided to take a nap, with ice pack on my face to reduce the swell

Woke up from the nap & feels slightly better, so I took a picture of the screws in my gum =D

It's still painful after the nap, but am able to get some food intake before medications. Thought of  getting the maid to cook porridge but gotta avoid hot food for the moment, so am munching on bread slowly

My companion for the next few days.

Going back on Monday evening for a review. Next stage will be 4 months later for getting mold done before crowning. 

Dental Trendz Pte Ltd
1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-16A&B 
Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 
Singapore, 648886
Tel: 6794 0788


Stephen T. E. Malfair said...

Well, nothing else can be added here, except kudos! Teeth problems hit in ways that make them seem inexplicable, even insufferable, so much that the cure sometimes look much worse than the disease. Ultimately, it is something which needs to be only dealt with, in whatever ways possible, which you already had.

Dr. Stephen T. E. Malfair @ Choose Your Smile

Anonymous said...

Hi there Pauline! Was googling on Dental Trendz (friend recommended this dentist) and found your blog by chance!

Have a similar issue with you - one of my top molar and one wisdom tooth has broken long ago , but I haven't done anything bout it -_- was thinking of going to dental trendz!

Would you mind sharing with me how much roughly it will cost me for extraction and implant (for the molar), and what can be paid by medisave? Thanks so much!


Pauline Tan said...

Hi Jess,

Sorry, as I removed 3 teeth at the same time, I didn't check what is the exact amount deducted from medisave.

The surgery to extract for 3 teeth is about $2kish by & the implant is about $2kish too. Both surgery & implant is 100% deduction by medisave. Only paid about $700 for the crowning

Ying Tze Sim said...

I chanced on your blog while googling on tooth implants. My dental didnt tell me it is fully claimable by medisave. I remember the amt is ard $1.5k
The implant for you for the 3 teeth is $2k+?

Pauline Tan said...

Hi Ying,

1 tooth is about $3k+ in total (surgery to remove the broken tooth + surgery to input the screw + crowning). Both surgery 100% medisave claimable.

$1.5k that ur dentist quoted is probably only the crowning which must be paid by cash or cc.