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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sushi Tei

Sunday dinner with the usual weekend buddy - Kogu, Jenny & Nizam. Today, Keeren tags along too! 

Handsome little boy soon will not be able to fit in kiddy rides =D

Little boy wants sushi, so we're at Sushi Tei

woohoo ~~ looks like someone can't wait! 

This is the only thing that goes into little boy's tummy. 

The rest of the items below goes into our tummy! Won't go into detail of the stuffs, but I would say, the food quality & taste is better than Sakae Sushi.

Service is pretty good too, although we waited quite awhile for our chawanmushi to be served.

Here's a picture of my Sunday Dinner buddies. Although we're busy with our own schedule, we still make it a point to meet at least once a month for dinner =)
*oops, Nizam is not in the picture cos he went reporting attendance to his girlfriend

Sushi Tei
154 West Coast Road
#01-69 West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371
Tel: 67750012
Monday - Sunday: 11.30 am -10 pm

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