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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Earth Hour & iLight Marina Route B

Oops... we were late for the Light's Off at 8.30 pm cos we had to do a de-tour at Marina Square due to the construction going on at the area. When we reached The Floating Platform, lights are already bring turn-off by those participating the event. 

This year, the no.of participating building aren't a lot as compared to the previous year. Quite a lot of buildings are still brightly lighted. 

As we're late, we're unable to squeeze ourselves to the floating platform. No.of people are a lot more that previous year, probably of the Super Hero Ambassador, Spider-man. Plus, cast of the Spider-man movie is here! 

Since we're stuck outside, I decided to play with shadow.. like a kid!

I also forced Theresa, Fiona, Angeline & Goh to join me

We hang around till lights got turned on at 9.30 pm so that we can continued with iLight Marina Route B

hee... selfie again =)

*photo from iLight website cos too many people crowding around

Angeline & Fiona left, so myself, together with Theresa & Family went down to the Floating Platform

A Sustainable Dance Floor to electrify dance moves & to generate energy during Earth Hour 2014

We are definitely going to hit the event earlier next year so that we can get to The Floating Platform!  

*photo from iLight website cos my phone camera can't capture anything again

*photo from iLight website cos I just realized we missed out this!

B14 Celebration of Life - Justin Lee was covered when we cove all the installations at Route A

With this, we sum up 22 installations of the iLight Marina 2014

Hopefully we'll have a chance to cum up all the installations next year (if any)

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