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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ippudo SG & Lenas

Impromptu dinner with Ivy cos I'm beginning to rot at home. Was supposed to meet her at West Mall but changed to Westgate cos she has craving for ramen

We settled at Ippudo cos she heard quite a bit of good reviews & there isn't any queue at the time we reached

Wanted to try the Shrimp Bun but it was not available at Westgate, so I opt for Potato Salad. Potato was not too mushy & zucchini adds additional crunch to the salad, but portion is a little huge

Oroshi Ponzu Gyoza - served with raddish, spring onion & ponzu sauce. Skin of the gyoza is not too thick, not overly pan-fried & the filling is very juicy

Ivy had Shimaru Motaoji (classic ramen)

I had Spicy Special Tonkotsu. Fragrant garlic oil is being & miso paste is added into the broth & it's very sweet. Chilli is not too spicy & doesn't musk the sweetness of the broth. Egg, Pork Cube & Bamboo Shoots are served on a side plate. The noodle is springy & you can also select the thickness of the noodle.

Something to note: they do not do takeaway orders or pack your leftover due to stringent food quality

We were quite full from dinner, so decided to loiter around before getting desserts

Loiter & wonder from Westage to JEM; back to Westgate & finally back to JEM to get desserts at Lenas by MOF

Super thirsty I ordered a pint of Grape flavored beer =D

Creme Brulee with Passion Fruit ice cream. 

Sundae for Ivy. 

Not the best venue, but decent for desserts.

Ippudo SG 
3 Gateway Drive
#03-03, Westgate
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9308

Lenas by MOF
50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
#01-16, JEM
Singapore 608549
6338 7368

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