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Monday, 7 April 2014

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant

Back at Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant for dinner again cos Kogu needs to go Sennett Ave to pass David some stuffs. Again, the handsome kiddo tags along today.

Upon request from the little one, Cereal Chicken. This is one of our favorite cos the chicken is very tender & the cereal is very crunchy & not oily

As usual, stir-fried kailan which has quite strong wok-hei

Sizzling hotplate deer meat which is very tender

All-time favorite, Salted Egg Prawn. As I mentioned before, this is super yummy cos apart from the salted egg that sticks to the prawn shell, is also has lots of chunky salted egg white

Chilli Crab. Today's chilli crab is a little too spicy  & bland

Little boy finished up 3/4 plate of the cereal chicken! 

My stylo friend, Nizam. Eats crab with fork & spoon

My handsome dinner date =)

Woots~ who's the handsome biker? 

Hey Boy, put on your helmet! 

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant
Blk 56, New Upper Changi Road,
#01-1300, Singapore 461056
Phone: 6243 8337

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