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Friday, 25 April 2014

USB Hub Combo

I have not been using my camera cos my lappie has problem reading my SD card. 

Even the card reader that I have at home can't read my SD card. I have been pondering if the card or the reader is faulty, so I brought the card reader to office & eventually found that the card reader is faulty cos the desktop is not even able to detect the card reader

Since 3 out of 4 USB hub on my lappie is also faulty, I went Challenger to search for Multi-USB hub. Happened to find a multi-USB hub with cared reader combo!

I used to plug in the card reader, transfer the photos to lappie & unplug cared reader. Then plug in thumbdrive to transfer the photos from lappie to thumbdrive cos my lappie is super unstable can & will die on my anytime (which she just did last month)! 

Now with this multi-USB hub, I can transfer photos directly from the SD card to the Thumbdrive in just few clicks away!

Also, I renewed the Challenger 2-years membership & got this power bank free

Open up to check & realized it comes with a soft pouch. Very shiny & pretty right? And it also doubles up a flash light!

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