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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sakae Sushi, Westmall

Daryl wants sushi for dinner after his weekly swimming lesson, so we're here at Sakae Sushi West Mall cos it's the nearest & most accessible venue for all of us to get there from different direction! 

Stuffs we had tonight and I would say, there's nothing much to rave about

Both the Sashimi we had are pretty thinly sliced!

Apart from the above, they also have a few new items on the menu

Salmon Sushi with Mentai. A little creamy & can't taste the Salmon

Beancurd with Mentai. Again, the mentai is a little creamy too

Mini Don with Ebi. BIL says it's too mini! =D

Mini Don with Salmon & Tuna cubes. No complains from sis

Oyster Sashimi. Pretty good cos the oysters are fresh

Big boy playing game after finishing his food

while the small boy look on... ... 

Sis with the "stewardess sickness" .. since she stack the plates, I help to CAYG (Clean As You Go in McDonald's term) the table lah =D

They also have stickers on the table to seek your help in arranging the plates according to the colors so that they can count the plates faster

When I saw this poster, I asked sis also applied for the Sakae Card since the boys likes having sushi. The staff mending the cashier didn't even bother to ask if we would like to apply for the card. When we asked, she reluctantly explains, then asked if we would like to apply. 

Honestly, the service is almost non-existent compare to the branch at LOT1

West Mall, #03-02,
1 Bukit Batok Central Link,
Singapore 658713
Tel: (+65) 67907012
Opening Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm daily
Last order: 9:30pm

Hokkaido Fair

I happen to know that there's Hokkaido Fair when I pass by Isetan Scotts previous Saturday

So I bought Grilled Squid $6

As well as Dosanko Yaki (1pc with seadood & 1pc with crabstick & noodle) $5.50 home for my dinner.

Last Monday when I went to collect voucher from OpenRice Office, I bought this Bento $23 for Sis

The next day, Wendy inform us that the fair has moved to Tampines Mall, so we head down to the fair after dinner on Thursday! 

Bought 2 Roll cakes: Blackcurrant roll with fresh cream & Haskap Berry jam  $19

and another Blackcurrent roll with Haskap cream $19

I also bought 1 Original & 2 Haskap Berry Tokachi Katarani (pudding) $5.50/pc, but have yet to take picture of it cos it's still wrapped in the packaging & in the freezer =D Will snap picture once I dig my spoon in! 

Wanted to buy this Fuwap Nama-Dora filled with Haskap Berry, but got 2 piece Free from purchasing of the roll cake & Tokachi Katarani. Pretty nice cos it'r not dry & the Haskap berry jam is quite sweet

I'll probably make my way to the fair again next week cos I wanna buy the Squid stuffed with rice! =D

Lek Lim Nonya Confectionery

An impromptu trip to Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery with Theresa on Saturday noon to buy some kuehs. 

Handmade Soon Kueh - This is so nice even left in fridge overnight, the taste is still good

Kueh Lapis Nonya

Kueh Kao Swee

Fried Carrot Cake

Steam Yam Cake. I wanted fried ones, but it was sold out already. Love the generous serving of yam bites!

The owner is nice to give us some samples of their homemade Pineapple Tarts & Almond Cookies

We then head to Blk 85 market to have a drink/ desert. I had Rice balls with Ginger Soup while Theresa had fresh Coconut before heading home. 

I was a little full yesterday evening, so I kept some kuehs in the fridge. Woke up this morning feeling super hungry, I reheat the Soon Kueh & Yam Cake for breakfast & it still taste like it's freshly made! Sis also says it's pretty good with generous servings of ingredients

And yes, while typing this entry, I was snacking the Kueh Lapis!

and what's the best way to enjoy Kueh Lapis? Peel it layer by layer and eat it slowly!

If you have not heard of Lek Lim Nonya Confectionery, they are located at 
Blk 84, Bedok North Street 4, 
#01-21, Singapore 460084
Telephone: 6449 0815

They will also be at the Singapore Food Festival Village from 12 Jul - 21 Jul 13

Bakerzin, Tampines1

Another impromptu dinner. Together with Wendy & Sam, we had a quick catch-up over dinner with Vivian before she goes back to Beijing again (she's back for 2 days to settle some work issues)! Vivian requested for somewhere in the East, so Sam suggested Bakerzin cos she have never tried before.

The branch at Tampines One

Sam & Vivian had Lychee Soda. Sam's a little disappointed that it doesn't comes with any lychee, but the overall taste of is quite sweet after mixing the lychee syrup.

Wendy & myself had Ice Mango Passion. They ran out of dessert spoon, so they gave us soup spoon instead. I didn't want the spoon, so I uses the straw to mixed the scoop of ice cream into the soda

Ice water are charged at $0.30 & it's non-refillable

Cabonara $15.50 - No complains from Vivian, so I reckon it should be nice

Aglio Olio $10.90 & I opt to add mushroom, ham & bacon $5 - Spaghetti done al dente, but not spicy enough. I had to add on lots of Tabasco sauce, causing it to be a little too spicy =D

Wendy's Linguini Vongole $16.90 - The only complain she has is that it's not spicy enough

Sam also had Aglio Olio $10.90, with top up of mushroom, ham & bacon $5. She also top up $5 for prawns. We were expecting the prawns to be to be the small off-shell type, but it turn out to be 4 mid-size prawns! 

What's dinner without dessert? Wendy had Coupé Cheesecake Verrine $12.50. Pretty interesting creme cheese ice cream but she feels its a little cheesy after polishing all 3 scoops!

Sam loves her Coupé Black Forest Verrine $12.50

I was slightly disappointed with my Bailey’s Irish Cream Soufflé $11.50. The souffle although soft & fluffy, it started collapsing as soon as it's being served. Not much of the taste of Bailey's also. I prefer the one I had at Hoshino Coffee. Although it's a litte sweet, it doesn't collapse so fast

Tampines 1
Tel: 6260 5688
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529536
Operating Hours
Sun: 10:30am - 10pm
Mon-Thu: 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat, PH & Eve of PH:
10:30am - 10:30pm