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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

新旺香港茶餐厅 @Singapore Changi Airport T3

Went back home for a rest after Baby Luke's 1st Birthday before heading to Changi Airport with the boys & BIL to pick up sis who is coming back from Shanghai. We were there early, so went for dinner at 新旺香港茶餐厅

The boys had Hot Milo since they're having slight cough

Mine's Ice Milo Dinasour

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Beef. Beef is tender; peppery yet not spicy

Bee Hoon with Pork Ribs for Damien

I didn't try, but from Damien's satisfied look, I'm pretty sure it's delicious! 

Baked Rice with Chicken Chop

Daryl says it super duper nice cos it's with super sticky cheese! 

BIL anticipated that the boys can't finish their main, so he only ordered Char Siew Bun for himself so that he can have half of Damien's Bee Hoon & 1/4 of Daryl's Baked Rice 

He also ordered the Custard Bun, which I took one of it

ooh~~~ it's very nice! Even though it's been left to cool down for quite some time, the "lava" flows out immediately when the bun is torn apart!

We also got a free Home-made Beancurd with fresh Mango. This comes free with min$50 charged to POSB/DBS card

Changi Airport Terminal 3
Viewing Mall North 
Level 4, Terminal 3 #04-02
Singapore Changi Airport
Tel: +65- 6241 5201
Business Hours:
Monday to Friday - 10am to 2am
Saturday, Sunday & PH - 9am to 2am

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