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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Baby Luke Turns 1

Baby Luke Awyang turns 1 =) 

Joylyn & Cedric hosted the Birthday celebration at Quality Hotel. 

Sis is out of town for work; BIL is at work; and Daryl has slight cough, so I head down for the celebration on my own

Brought my new 2D Cartoon bag out for some sun =)

Yes, I'm still slightly covered up in case the haze get unhealthy again. Don't wanna get the rick of having asthma attack! 

Reached quite early, so started eating first while chatting with Aunty Lily & Uncle Frankie

Jack came & fooled around a bit

Then continue eating =D

Fooling around with Jack again, this time on the new Instagram Video

continue eating again.. =D

Time for cake cutting

I actually took an Instagram video on the singing of Birthday song, but the app crash on me before I can post it to newsfeed, so the video is lost =(

Then Aunty Shirley came to distribute the cake and she told me to eat the cupcake cos the cake is for adult while the cupcake is for children. I'm a big child, so must eat cupcake. I then fool around imitating Cookie Monster's look =D

Again, continue eating before hitching a ride home with Aunty Lily. 

Thanks Joylyn & Cedric for the invite, and also.. ... 
Happy 1st Birthday, Luke

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