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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fiona's Birthday @ Irodori Japanese Restaurant

An impromptu advance Birthday celebration for Fiona @ Irodori Japanese Restaurant. She says she has missed a few of our Birthday celebrations here & wants to celebrate her's here! This place is coincidentally owned by one of our Sister's uncle, so we managed to book the private room for our dinner

Needless to say, we ordered lots of dishes from the buffet menu

Complimentary Green Tea Tofu for all guest

Hiyashi Tomato

Can't remember what is this, but it's some fish which I did not eat

Enoki Shitake Butter Yaki

Buta Kimuchee (Kimchi with Pork)

California Maki

Yasai Itame (Fried Vegetables)

Ebi Tempura

Satzuma Imo (Sweet Potato)


Buta Enoki Maki (Pork Roll with Golden Mushroom)

Saba Shioyaki

Cocktail Bacon Maki - My must have!

Fish braised in light sauce I think. I didn't eat this as well.


2 rounds of Sashimi

Grilled Ebi Mentai - This is another complimentary dish served for all diners. This is so good I swear I can eat tons of it if it's on the menu! 

Grilled Fish Collar - Not sure if it's one of the complimentary dish cos I don't remember it being served during our previous visits. 

To die-for item: Torched Salmon Belly - This is definitely not one of the complimentary dish & it's also not one of the item available in the buffet menu. We only get to enjoy this dish when the owner's niece is dining with us! 

Given the extensive list of items on the menu, we're definitely coming back for more!  

Here comes the Princess Fiona Cake from PrimaDeli. Fiona specially requested for this pretty & cute cake! Thanks to friends working at PrimaDeli, I managed to get the cake slightly cheaper =P

The Happy Birthday girl =)

For the first time, the 7 Evil Sisters are able to make it for a Birthday Celebration! 

Now introducing my 7 Evil Sisters




Fiona & myself

Oops.. greedy Birthday girl caught multi-tasking. Eating Tokyu Banana & cutting her cake at the same time!

Once again,
Happy Happy Birthday Fiona~ 

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road
Riverview Hotel #03-01
Singapore 169629
Tel: 6737 2002
Fax: 6735 0301
Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

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