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Monday, 17 June 2013

Guess what's the cost of repair for my Omega!

Just the other day I was mentioning that I sent my Omega for battery change & the waiting time is at least 2 weeks. 

Today I received an email from them, and here it goes... 

Dear Ms Tan,  

Please find attached the quotation for your Omega watch sent in under the receipt no. 1825.

Watch was diagnosed as follows : -

Deep dent & scratches all over the watch case/claws/bezel/bracelet & crown
Crystal scratched & deep chip at edges
Crystal multi-coat stained
Old battery inside over exhausted
Module faulty
Complete service recommend

The followings are included in the Complete maintenance servicing : -

1. Dismantling of Movement, Cleaning, Oiling, Assembling and checking the functions of the movement.
2. Repair or replacement of worn or damaged movement parts.
3. Replacement of Crown & Gaskets.  
4. Restoration of Water-Resistance to factory specifications.
5. Polishing and Cleaning (washing) of watch case and bracelet (if any).
6. Technical and Aesthetical final check.
7. Adjustment and Regulation of the Timekeeping to factory specifications .
8. Replacement of New Battery.
9. 24 months service warranty.

The estimated servicing lead time is approximate 6 – 8 weeks after receipt of confirmation (under condition of full spare parts availability).

Guess what's the cost of the repair? 

$760!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!! Scare the shit out of me lah! 

I'm still thinking if I should just change the battery or go ahead with the servicing cos its not cheap! Honestly, I have not done any servicing since 2001, so I reckon it's quite reasonable for the price of $760? U think so? 

Well, She does serves me quite well since I got it as a Birthday Present from sis back in 2001, so it does has some sentimental value. 

Sigh.. how I wish someone can offer to pay for me, or buy me a new watch! 

How??? Should I or should I not? 

Anyway, I'll decide tomorrow when I wake up! Time to sleep now! 

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